Smoking in parks and squares should be banned to help people quit and stop young people seeing adults lighting up, experts have said.

Health officials say the move would allow people to enjoy clean air and exercise in the public spaces – and most importantly, dissuade others from taking up the habit.

Can we just fire these people instead?

6 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Can we just fire these people instead?

    Well no. They are hard to fire. You can see the “Deep State” working hard to make sure UKIP does not get anyone elected so that they can be sure none of them will be fired.

    It is the voters who are being replaced. Not the scum at the top.

    I also note their logic is odd. Few people have seen anyone smoke weed in public. And yet young people take it up anyway. Cause and effect is hard to prove here.

  2. So much for the illusion of public spaces being for the public to enjoy. Lecture halls, pulpits and ego massage parlours.

  3. > the move would allow people to enjoy clean air

    In London? How would that work, then?

    Can anyone guess where I get the cleanest air: in my chain-smoking mother’s garden in darkest Suffolk or in a park in the Square Mile with a bunch of non-smokers?

    Not that that’s the point. But, principles of freedom aside, they’re still talking bollocks.

  4. bloke (not) in spain

    I’m recollecting walking across Finsbury Park, one windless summer dawn, knee deep in purple sparkly stuff. FK’s what was in it but it smelt a lot more like kebabs than Marlboros.

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