Ed Balls and 11 other members of the shadow cabinet claimed expenses for cleaning, gardening or odd jobs without submitting receipts, seriously undermining the shadow chancellor’s advice that we should all insist on invoices for cash-in-hand jobs.

Mr Balls claimed £1,610 for cleaners and his wife Yvette Cooper claimed £2,640 for cleaning and gardening, out of a total of £37,881 claimed by the 12 Labour MPs.

5 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. It’s made even worse by the fact that this was a conscious decision in the light of the Telegraph revelations of the expenses scandals.

    MPs decided that to avoid derision for claiming £1.27 for sink plugs, they’d allow themselves £500 a month receipt free expenses. Very much the bully-boy response that so typifies politicians; “Yer, so wot? Wotcher gonna do abaht it?”.

  2. What a pair? Two Labour cunts pontificating on tax avoidance even as they spend the gains from flipping their primary residence three times to avoid CGT.

    Nauseating hypocrisy

  3. And three sets of expenses! “Flipping heck” as the MP said on being presented with a CT bill on disposal of his Property

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