Despite his dedication to sport, Topolski also achieved academic distinction at Oxford, taking the last Fourth Class degree awarded by the university for Geography before the classification was abolished.

That’s “distinction” in the sense of thanks for turning up to the university but might you, possibly, have once or twice tried to do some academic work? But it has been fun to have you here.

7 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. At least it was an honours degree – he’d have come away with a pass degree if they hadn’t been happy to have him!

  2. There was a locally famous remark by a Cambridge don a while back: “The university offers the undergraduate two routes to a degree – by passing examinations, or by failing them.” The quotation is approximate, the sentiment exact.

  3. @ Michael Jennings
    Not necessarily. It sometimes means that you’ve taken too long because you’ve been off sick. Oxford has a limit on the number of terms that you can attend before taking an Honours degree.
    @ Andrew Duffin
    It doesn’t any more. Everybody is more serious these days.
    I think that Tim’s description is quite good – the phrase I remember was “brilliant but lazy”. One of my pals got a Blue and a Fourth, which killed his plans to do a post-grad degree: he ended up as a Professor. just not at Oxford.

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