So, I found a couple of kittens

Outside an abandoned church when walking the dogs. Obviously human raised and then abandoned themselves. So, picked up, looked after for a few weeks as we tried to find a home.

Belgian/Dutch couple took them to round out their family of new puppies.

poeskes 0091 (1024x768)

Seems to be working, eh?

11 thoughts on “So, I found a couple of kittens”

  1. Yep, looks like a happy outcome.

    If you’d been in the UK and handed them in to the RSPCA then chances are they would have been put down.

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    “Belgian/Dutch couple took them to round out their family of new puppies.”
    Yes, I’d imagine there are a few calories in a brace of them.
    Did you recommend boiling or serving raw?

  3. Lovely! We just got a pair on Saturday, after 18 months catlessness. A male tux and a female white with calico tail (and a bit of Siamese we suspect). They are not littermates but inseparable.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’d have that black kitten in a heartbeat. Or at least I would if I were allowed pets in my apartment and I wasn’t out 14 hours a day.

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