Thank goodness for the comprehensive education system, eh?


25 thoughts on “Thank goodness for the comprehensive education system, eh?”

  1. Sigh. Quite how UKIP need standing up to whilst wanting Justice For The Victims I can’t fathom, but it’s a heart-sinker when your sign-writer fails.

  2. We must ensure there is no Biggar Try tomorrow.

    Good one, I was gonna make the same joke. Only it’s tonight, tomorrow I’ll be in the Stade de France watching the Jocks play the Frogs.

    For tonight: allez les rouges!

  3. Spellchecking by Richard Murphy.

    As to the “protest”, the press appears to be running with it being “locals” but it actually appears to be a group called the Trades Union and Socialist Coalition, who are another Trot front group originally put together by bigfat Bob Crow, with the usual Socialist Workers Party suspects. And apparently a few people seconded from the Breastapo.

  4. I honestly don’t understand why this sort of Heckler’s veto (in the Nat Hentoff sense) is legal. If you are preventing someone from speaking in a manner that is not itself illegal, you are not peacefully protesting, you are obstructing them and possibly committing false imprisonment.

  5. Nice to see the Labour MP thought it was hilarious that a Trot Mob imprisons a political figure.

    Presumably, she’d see the funny side if she were trapped in the Labour Welling office by the EDL..

  6. tomorrow I’ll be in the Stade de France watching the Jocks losing badly to the Frogs.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had to fix that for you.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    BBC rugby production is, at best, 3rd rate. The only redeeming feature was Brian Moore and he seems to have been gagged.

    Great win though.

    That’s a great UKIP poster, they should use it nationwide just to wind up Labour and the left.

  8. “Which half?”

    Leigh Halfpenny converted the Welsh try, after that……..the Welsh lads were calmed. The game, rugby, as usual won last night, fast, hard, brutal at times but played in a good spirit and bad luck Wales, but well played England.

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