That BBC taxi bill

Some of that was spent on people like me you know.

The BBC has splashed more than £34.4million of licence fee cash on taxis in just three years, it can be revealed.

The eye-watering spending splurge amounts to nearly £31,450 a day or 236,675 licence fees.

The Corporation ran up a taxi bill of £10.7million in 2011-12, £11.8million in 2012-13 and £11.9million in 2013-14.

It includes more than £200,000 to pay for cabs ordered, only to be cancelled on arrival and additional fees charged by drivers left waiting outside.

When you’re a guest on a show they pay for the car to come and pick you up and take you back again.


18 thoughts on “That BBC taxi bill”

  1. Friend of mine who appears on quite a few BBC programmes talking financial matters often used to complain at the needless extravagance when the Beeb gave her use of a car and driver for a whole day when a couple of taxis would have sufficed.

    They also used to be very keen on sending bunch of flowers to say thank you for a 2 minute piece to camera. That seems to have stopped fortunately.

  2. Most people are flattered to be treated like a VIP. And so accept a smaller fee.

    So in addition to knowing where the contributor is in case of needing to reschedule due to traffic, it may even save money.

  3. Compared to the costs of the execs wages and the hidden social costs of the marxistic propaganda that goes out over the airwaves in 99% of its output–and the Radio Times (which once had Pol as a columnist for Christ’s sake) the taxis are a cheap expenditure.

  4. Had to be the Daily Mail.

    Can’t see the problem myself. You want me to appear on Newsnight (highly unlikely, I know), the I ain’t go to pay from my own pocket to get to your studios or find a hotel at midnight after the programme ends.

    Just another piece of spite from this most pernicious of rags.

  5. They’ve run this story several times. Not sure it hasn’t been commented here several times.

    To average Waily Fail reader, who owns a car, a taxi is a needless and extravagant luxury. The Fail reader probably gets in a taxi rather less frequently than a Ruinair bus with wings.

    I’m pretty impressed that cancellations are less than 1% of the bill. [irony] shows you what Marxist planning can achieve. [/irony]

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    Well yes.
    And the number of erudite individuals who reluctantly took a break from their important affairs to travel to the BBC studios to give viewers & listeners the benefit of their knowledge over three years was…excluding Tim, of course…two…three?

    Let’s be honest. Most of the people appearing on the BBC would swim naked through piranha infested waters for the opportunity to share their opinions.

  7. Given relative ease with which people can conduct interviews over the internet from people’s own cupboard under the stairs, why isn’t the bill decreasing?

    For those that appear with malign regularity a high def webcam would be more cost effective.

  8. Sound quality. They prefer to have you in a studio where there’s an isdn line installed. I’ve done stuff from Usti nad Labem for the BBC in London. Much, much, better sound quality by my nipping around to the local Czech radio station and borrowing their line for 30 minutes.

  9. Context is missing. What percentage of the corporation’s overall spending is this taxi bill. Probably a small amount. By using big scary numbers the Daily Mail is following standard practise to make something out of nothing.

  10. Given the size of the bill, one wonders if the BBC would save money by having its own cars and drivers for picking up/dropping off guests.

  11. bloke (not) in spain

    “Given the size of the bill, one wonders if the BBC would save money by having its own cars and drivers for picking up/dropping off guests.”
    Oh God! This is an organisation can several hundred people to cover a pop concert. A seven seat people carrier with four drivers & three assistants is entirely possible. With another following, carrying the guest & several more.

  12. Blimey, did they pay for the ferry as well?

    I was thinking the same, also getting one to go south of the English Channel at this time of night?

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    What we need to know is how much Sky News pay in taxis not a direct comparison cos nasty ‘orrible capitalist Murdoch, but might give the start of a benchmark.

  14. They sent a car to Rochester at 4 am to collect me for a RADIO interview at 5.30 – wonderful British transport system means there are no trains at that time in the morning. I did offer to connect by Skype, but they wanted a studio discussion. I can sympathise with that – discussion by Skype is hard work.

    They then found another two radio interviews and a BBC New Channel interview for me to do that morning before returning home. They like to get their money’s worth. Oh, and I went home on the train.

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