Then you’re doing it wrong

More than 10 per cent of couples say snoring ruins their sex life

Snoring might ruin sleep, might even ruin a post coital snuggle but as far as I recall you’re not really supposed to be snoring during the actual sex…..

9 thoughts on “Then you’re doing it wrong”

  1. It’s a real turn off if one of the triplets nods off and she starts snoring, seems to distract the other two young ladies summit rotten.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Surreptitious Evil – “But which partner has to wear the squirrel suit? The snoring one or the active one? Precision matters, you know.”

    Well this is all very amusing I know, but if I could put on my serious Health and Safety hat for a moment, it is important that the one doing the snoring is not wearing the squirrel suit. As breathing is actually quite hard in those suits and so snoring may indicate a build up of carbon monoxide. Which is potentially fatal.

    I know it is a fate that many people here might envy, but squirrels suits are not toys, chaps! They have to be used responsibly.

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