Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Being mean to Ritchie again.

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  1. As something of an aside, I note how Ritchie, usually so keen to return to his themes, is very reluctant to engage directly and unequivocally on labour mobility. He doesn’t seem to like being reminded about his little fascist firned (or national socialist if you like) Colin Hines and his views on halting labour mobility.

  2. It’s funny, he doesn’t seem to think Capital sitting on low-yielding government bonds is a sign of the system falling over when he’s calling for more gov’t debt and more money printing.

  3. Oh he is a bit shy:

    “I’ve commented on this many times”.
    “Well then, what did you say?”
    “You can go back and read it for yourself”

    and so on

  4. If you follow the Ricardian view, there is an additional factor at play: land. (Most economists just treat land as another form of capital, but let’s see where the theory takes us.) Today we have multi-tasking smartphones in our pockets, but we can’t afford the rent. At least that’s what I see around me.

    Obviously there are other good explanations for rising rents: migration, planning, etc. But the Ricardian view is interesting at least.

  5. Ironman

    I always look on the bright side – at Least Keith Hudson hasn’t found his way into the comments here……

    What I find striking on TRUK is that it really is about 7 diehards (all unremittingly moronic and dangerously myopic) who seem to constitute (at least in Ritchie’s eyes) the backing of ‘Civil Society’ – the man is utterly deluded….

  6. Keith Hudson goes very quiet if challenged hard. It is as if he can’t hear you.
    I am still waiting for a fuller exposition of how he escaped the Coventry blitz when his father “commandeered a car from a selfish neighbour”.
    I assume that Hudson senior stole it by force or threat of force.

  7. Ivan Horrors

    And as Richard Murphy says about each victim of neoliberal capture at HMRC. ..nothing at all, just stating a fact, not implying anything…but the conclusions are obvious.

  8. Ivan Horrocks

    A Good attempt at a spoof but there is more chance had you been masquerading as one of the other Murphyite trolls or lickspittles – This blog is not ‘intellectual’ enough for the real deal.

  9. Van Patten

    Marcus Clown springs to mind. I tell you, that guy is truly a fucking genius.

    I still haven’t recovered from his earlier suggestion that we should now all being saying “I am Greek”…

  10. PF

    I tjhink it might have been you that pointed him out when he first appeared on the scene. I tend to go for the ‘Big Four’ (Wilcox, Horrocks, Dickie and Reed) who basically advocate or approve of mass murder, but Clown (as you rightly say) is a strong contender in his own right – the ‘Greek’ thing was YET ANOTHER facepalm moment (I’m worried I might be suffering concussive trauma by reading TRUK!)

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