What a delightful name for a book

In 1988 she published Granny was a Spy, an account of her wartime exploits.

8 thoughts on “What a delightful name for a book”

  1. Only if she spied for us. Not against us.

    Like that old hag from about 10 years ago who was found to be a wholly unrepentant Soviet spy. She should have been hanged for treason.

  2. Well she did spy for us and was very cool headed and courageous, not just in the war but afterwards:
    In December 1978 an IRA letter bomb was delivered to the house while José was alone with two young grandchildren. Mindful of her training in the Resistance, she gingerly carried the suspect package into the garden and called the bomb squad.

  3. SMFS: “Only if she spied for us. Not against us.”

    What are you on about?

    Reviewing the OP and the single comment succeeding, I don’t see any suggestion that a particular SOE agent was on “a side”. Lady Villiers may have known who she would vote for after the war, but she fought for broad liberal values. After the war, she had a vote.

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