Pakistan sends 747 jumbo jets to evacuate distraught nationals from Yemen

Does Pakistan have that many jumbo jets?

I never knew that…

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  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Wikipedia claims 1,502 of them have been made. It is possible, but not really, that Pakistan has half of them.

    OK. In my defence, someone had to do it, didn’t they?

  2. Reminds me of the joke of three men in Minneapolis, in the waiting room while their wives are giving birth.

    Doctor comes, announces to first man “Congratulations, you’ve got twins!”. Man exclamates, “That’s nice, I work for Minnesota Twins.”

    Second doctor comes, announces “Congratulations, you’ve got triplets!”. Man exclamates, “Oh, wonderful, I work for 3M”.

    Third man gets up and leaves, saying “I can’t take it. I work for Seven Up.”

  3. Anyway, it doesn’t seem unlikely that Pakistan would have two. There are that many “up on blocks” at Manston airport. Other aged specimens, cargo only, use the same airport, the names of previous owners crudely over-painted.

  4. I saw your Forbes article about Singapore’s performance relative to other cities, and couldn’t see a place to comment there, so I’ll do it here, if that’s all right with you.

    While I acknowledge the validity of your point, I think comparing Singapore to New York and London is unfair to Singapore in other ways. It’s true that Singapore is, like New York and London, a city, but unlike them it’s also a state. Singapore can’t push low-income households out with high rents, and families with children can’t just move across the border to Malaysia.

    Depending on how New York’s numbers are calculated, there may be some shenanigans with nonresidents coming in from the suburbs and having their income but not their bodies counted. I’m not at all confident of that, though.

  5. Jack C,

    “Yes, Minister” did it already…

    Jim Hacker: “Burandan Airways, they are doing well. How many planes have they got?”

    Sir Humphrey: “None.”

    Jim Hacker: “Use your eyes, Humphrey, what about that one?”

    Sir Humphrey: “That one was chartered from Freddie Laker last week and repainted specially. Actually there is one 747 that belonged to nine different African airlines in one month. They called it the mumbo-jumbo.”

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    It’s certainly a style of breathless journalism more suited to a school magazine than Reuters. One’d have thought “large airliners”, accompanied some estimate of the numbers of, would have been more informative. Particularly as the update of the story seems to imply numbers in the region of one single large airliner.

  7. Technically a “jumbo jet” is any wide-bodied aircraft; layman’s use, however, tends to restrict usage to the B747 (which is the original Jumbo Jet (note capitalisation)). So here we may have the very first example of a journalist actually using the correct technical term!

    Incidentally Wikipedia gets this one right too – “jumbo jet” redirects to wide-bodied aircraft; and “Jumbo Jet” to Boeing 747.

  8. Probably a Saudia mumbo jumbos…

    The Kingdom is busying itself buying everything in Pakistan anyways – Nawaz Sharif was paid for long ago…

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