I don’t know how far to the right you have to be to make such a comment, buyt let me assure you, it is very far right indeed

The BBC is totally dominated by neoliberal thinking

How Stalinist do you have to be to believe that?

Especially if you’re a middle aged white maile who gets thrown off a program in favour of young totty on the grounds of gender diversity?

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  1. Surreptitious Evil

    “Right wing” and “neoliberal” are just Murphonyms for “doesn’t agree with me”.

    They don’t have even the perpetually debased meaning they do in normal discourse.

  2. Murphonym ….. awesome.

    I must share a brilliant description of Murphy I found on a blog (not my idea)

    “The David Icke of Accounting”

  3. I expect a lot of the objections to Clarkson come from people who have opinions just as strong as him but, unlike Clarkson, they have a burning desire to gain authority and impose their views on the rest of us.

  4. Brilliant. Ritchie is crowing about the speech he made today in Scotland and all the influential people he’s speaking to.

    Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to realise that his audience, COSLA (local authorities association) is dying as more and more LAs are withdrawing from it. It’ll be an irrelevance in Scotland soon.

    The Left: great at picking winners.

  5. What happened to Murphy Richards?

    Did some of Ritchie’s trade union friends go round with baseball bats?

  6. I know who Murphy Richards is, in real life (no, not me) and the problem is simply Poe’s Law.

  7. Sam

    Tim confirmed what I suspected – it’s rather like the columnist A.N Wilson, whose ‘Website number 11’ column in the early years of the Blair regime was so apt and eventually aped by the Labour government to the extent hey admitted the reality had become impossible to satirise. A shame but flogging a dead horse (unless you’re like Murphy) is a thankless task for most.

    Re: The post itself, A close friend of mine who knows Murphy suggests that the following can be classified as ‘Neoliberal’ or ‘Hard Right’ – the Libdems, The Tories, UKIP, Labour, New Labour, Plaid cymru, the SNP, the Green opposition in Brighton Council, the BBC, the Independent, Progress – the list simply rolls on. You do have to be through the Looking Glass to view the world in this way, but these peope have votes – and influence over the zeitgeist.

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