Global warming my arse

March 31 st and it’s minus 1 oC and we’re getting serious snow. Of the freezing my tootsies and blocking the roads kind serious.

Bugger London drowning I want my global warming, as I was promised I could have, and I want it now.

21 thoughts on “Global warming my arse”

  1. I note that wind generation is at 15% in the UK. But how much damage has the wind caused by the storms? It’s climate change I tell you, nothing to do with weather.

  2. “Global warming will probably make Europe colder, because it’ll weaken the Gulf Stream.”

    This week, maybe. Only last week on the radio I was hearing it was 100% certain to give Northern Europe a mediterranean climate.

    I wonder what it’ll be next week? I guess that depends on whether it’s unseasonally hot or cold…

  3. The gulf stream weakening? That would be why eastbound transatlantics are setting new records and westbound ones stopping at abandoned Canadian airstrips to refuel?

  4. Well, global warming is camping out in NZ at the moment, just coming to the end of possibly the best summer I’ve ever seen, long dry sunny days for four months.

    This global warming lark is much better than advertised….

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Global warming will probably make Europe colder, because it’ll weaken the Gulf Stream.”

    And only last week it was predicted to make it so hot we were all going to die of malaria because mosquitoes were going to be breeding.

    Global warming has become a like a buffet for scaremongers, pick you favourite scare, add global warming and multiply by a big number to scare the children in to doing your bidding even if its nothing to do with climate change.

  6. Bloke in Germany: The Gulf Stream, not the jet stream. Unless you’re talking about ocean liners in which case why are they stopping at airfields in the first place?

  7. The usual stupidity. We actually want kids to be using vapers. Very much better for them then smoking the real thing.

  8. Mea culpa, wrong stream. In my defence, worming is going to “mangle” the jet stream as well and kill us all in our beds.

  9. If it’s a warm day the global warming gang are proved right. If it’s a cold day the global warming g gang are proved right, only this time it’s “Climate Change” tut tut.
    Either way, those retired English teachers can be certain their climate science analysis is correct. Clever people!

  10. “Global warming will probably make Europe colder, because it’ll weaken the Gulf Stream.” The early predictions were that it would give Europe warmer nights in winter. I suppose that wasn’t scary enough, so new predictions have been invented.

  11. Only a few years ago (perhaps 6 or 7) there was an official DECC document (that I can no longer find alas) that predicted that the UK would suffer from far hotter and drier summers, and milder winters on average as a result of global warming.

    That was just about the time we started a series of damp cold summers, and very cold snowy winters.

    I’m tempted to call climate science alchemy, but that would be an insult to alchemists through the ages.

  12. Come on Tim, you know how it works:
    Cold day = Usual variable weather (nothing to see here, move along)
    Hot day = Proof positive climate change

  13. Dj

    Very cold weather = climate change
    Hot weather = climate change
    Bad weather = climate change

    Indeed climate change is everywhere, all encompassing, (if not all knowing) just like the Great Sky Fairy.

  14. Global warming will probably make Europe colder, because it’ll weaken the Gulf Stream.
    GW might weaken the GS if it melted the Greenland ice sheet. But a) it hasn’t and b) the Danes (who keep track of the GS) say it’s as perky as ever.

  15. I was wondering, if we do eventually find that its getting hotter quickly ( though England doesn’t seem any warmer than 30 years ago AFAICT ), how might we cool things down a bit?

    Could we cover large areas of the Sahara with tinfoil – probably if we needed to.

  16. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    The Gulf Stream shut down during the last ice age. Ice build up caused water that would normally flow down the Mississippi to divert into the Hudson, preventing the influx of cold water into the Gulf of Mexico which drives the Gulf Stream.

    So Global Warming or Global Cooling could cause it, we need a supra-national body to micro-manage the climate and keep us at the current optimum climate for everyone, it’s the only solution. I’ll chuck in a fiver to start the fundraising to get it up and running.

  17. Not sure which is worse, but at least the election will be over soon enough. The global warming clowns show no sign of pissing off despite all the bad publicity.

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