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Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet ministers are preparing themselves for defeat in the general election because they fear the party will be wiped out in Scotland.

The Labour leader has ordered his most senior MPs to flood into Scotland for the final weeks of the campaign, in a repeat of the saturation tactics deployed in the frantic final days of the Scottish independence referendum last year.

Does sending
Labour MPs scrambling around Scotland increase or decreases the Labour vote in Scotland?

Perhaps more importantly does not having them scrambling around England increase or decrease the Labour English vote?

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  1. I suppose it depends on the MP.

    Certainly, I would expect that the egregious Joyce turning up (not that he is standing this time, or that he is a member of the PLP any more), would be likely to drop votes for whatever apparatchik they have craned* in.

    Anyway, since Bruin’s unfortunate spot of honesty, are senior Labour figures allowed to meet anybody who isn’t at least a junior Labour figure?

    * I know “parachuted” is more normal but you’d need one of these for Karen.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Is it too early to say “Yeah, don’t fly if you have a Scottish pilot” still?

    I mean, have you seen the SNP alternative?

  3. Without Scotland ZaNu are finished. The danger they present is in alliance with the even more oppressive and obnoxious SNP.

  4. Can’t imagine it does much good other than to raise the morale of the political party in question, because they’re Doing Something.

    Where you or I might see a fat dope with a red rosette attached to his paunch, the Labour activist sees a Big Gun, being rolled out to Fight.

    It has much the same effect on them as when rival packs of chimpanzees meet, and one alpha chimp flings poo at the enemy. Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!

    Not long ago we had a council by election. The Lib Dems and the Greens were bombarding me with leaflets – as in two or three a week for several weeks.

    The other candidate was a Tory, who put precisely one leaflet through my door.

    All the paper the Libs and the Greens kept stuffing through my letterbox just reminded me to get out and vote for the Conservative – who won handily.

    I imagine having lots of MP’s running around kissing babies just has the same effect of reminding people to vote.

  5. If Labour get wiped out in Scotland will they switch their support to reforming electoral boundaries, or do they have lots of rotten boroughs in England as well?

  6. I suppose it depends on the MP.

    I suspect were the MP for Doncaster North to appear in the Scotland then the vote there would certainly go down.

    Never mind though, it might actually go up in the mumbling back-stabbers home constituency of Islington Doncaster

  7. How many people don’t know that this is all bullshit nowadays? That when they address “local people”, it’s a group of very carefully selected loyal party members and their “on the campaign trail in Northampton” piece is a couple of minutes of them walking down Abington St with minders just for the camera.

  8. Sorting out the constituency boundaries to even out the pro-ZaNu advantage is another of the BlueRat’s failed promises.

  9. To what end Dearieme?

    A second kitchen makes sense if one has domestic staff. We can’t all have domestic staff, unless we’re all going to work for each other. Besides, the kitchen industry will need all available hands.

    So, a manifesto based on second kitchens for all will also be a manifesto for massive immigration. I don’t think we have the space.

  10. It makes more sense than most things Labour do. Canvassing doesn’t change voter allegiances but the numbers show it is effective in getting out the vote (so only canvass where historical support is strong even if it is currently apathetic). Bussing in MPs also makes sense because although each MP has limited contact with voters, an MP doing the rounds brings out lots of voluntary campaign workers. Given that the parties get info post election on who actually voted, even if they don’t know how they voted, there is plenty of potential for the Glaswegian heavy mob to exert “pressure” on one or two doorsteps.

  11. So Much for Subtlety

    Surreptitious Evil – “Or if deep-fried Mars bars are a staple.”

    Time to re-visit a Modest Proposal. After all, giving every Glaswegian the ability to deep fry their own Mars Bars in the privacy of their own home, even at 3 a.m. after a night on the town, could solve a lot of problems. Not all Glaswegian.

  12. People are people, and people make a difference.

    Getting out on the streets works, especially by the candidate rather than merely campaigners.

    Its just a human thing, we all feel better about someone we’ve shaken hands with and exchanged pleasantries with than someone we’ve never met.

    I met Vince Cable out campaigning the other day, he shook hands with me and my four year old son. Still won’t vote for him, but don’t quite despise him as much as if i’d never met him. If he gets re-elected ( likely, he’s a good candidate) I won’t be quite as fuming mad that wank arse piss pants pinko lib dem twats have inflicted “Our Vince” on me once again.

    Wittgenstein was wrong, the world consists of people not facts.

    Labour sending their heavyweights to Scotland will boost the Scottish vote at the expense of the English vote. Which is not to say that it will swing a single seat, either way in either country, but it will affect voting.

  13. What about if Con + SNP can form a majority?

    A coalition to dissolve the union ?

    Bears thinking about.

  14. Con and SNP?

    Possibly: the raison d’etre of the Tory (rather than Conservative) element is the pursuit of power. If the choice is between power in the rUK and no power at all, it’s not unthinkable.

    I’ve always had Dave down as a proper old school Tory at heart, as in 18th or early 19th Century old school, and have seen nothing to change that view.

    A tricky sell though.

  15. @Jack C – “I’ve always had Dave down as a proper old school Tory at heart, as in 18th or early 19th Century old school, and have seen nothing to change that view.” , yeah, know what you mean, but if the conservatives lose this election its difficult to see how they can ever win again and if Scotland is going to send 50 anti-unionist, anti-English MPs to the Great Parliament at Westminster then he may figure that the Union is a dead duck anyway.

    Cameron did do “the right thing” in the referendum, but only belatedly, the silence from the Conservatives was deafening until right near the end when all of England suddenly had to consider the prospect of Scotland voting to leave.

    Maybe the Union makes no sense without an empire, or died sometime just before Maggie came to power, or she killed it, or something …

    I wonder that labour will not suffer quite the meltdown predicted in Scotland, we shall see.

  16. if the conservatives lose this election its difficult to see how they can ever win again

    They could try actually being Conservatives, not LabourLite. Just an idea.

    As for Labour, surely this can’t be true, because Labourites were saying the Scottish referendum would have no impact on them as there weren’t enough seats in Scotland to make the difference between Labour winning or losing an election. They couldn’t have been lying, could they?

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