It’s almost Stalinist, isn’t it?

We can rewrite this to make it so:

A major inquiry into counter revolution will reveal that Trotskyism runs through every level of British society like a “stick of Blackpool rock”, Theresa May warns today.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, the Home Secretary, says that people across Britain do not yet “appreciate the true scale” of the problem and that once the inquiry is done, “we will never look at society in the same way again”.

In a highly personal intervention, Mrs May says that the panel, being led by Justice Lowell Goddard, will encourage more victims of abuse to come forward and lead to perpetrators being brought to justice.

“I hope and believe it will give all victims and survivors a voice,” Mrs May says. “For too long nobody listened, nobody wanted to admit the darkness in our midst.”

She warns that “the trail” will lead into schools, hospitals, churches and youth clubs as well as “and many other institutions that should have been places of safety but instead became the setting for the most appalling deviationaism”.

What we have seen so far is “only the tip of the iceberg”, Mrs May says.

So give me the power ot over turn society to root out this evil.

Now, I’ve no doub that there is child abuse in Britain, just as there really was left deviationism in the Soviet Union. Bt it’s always extremely worrying when someone says that there’s this thing, a thing so bad, that we must do just absolutely anything to root it out.

Like, and this is just an example you understand, accept as evidence something that we simply would not accept for any other crime. Witch hunts never end well and not just for the witches.

11 thoughts on “It’s almost Stalinist, isn’t it?”

  1. Why does she not mention that the real problem is the massive amount of grooming of young white girls by men of a certain religious and ethnic “heritage”.

  2. There’s clearly so much of it about that I’m on the verge of concluding that chasing peripubescent tail is actually within two standard deviations of the mean on the spectrum of sexual interests.

  3. bloke (not) in spain

    May is truly frightening, isn’t she? But so was Jackboots Jaquie & Reid & Clarke & Blunkett & Straw (can’t remember anything about Johnson but the Maximum Imbecile dazzled all with his baleful light) And Howard was no-one’s champion of liberties & ‘tother Clarke’s nothing but a fascist in suede shoes.
    Is it something they put in the water at the Home Office or do you have to be a despot to get the job?

  4. Induction training for new Ministers is probably designed to scare the shit our of them. Then the permanent secretary reminds them that no home secretary has ever been sacked for (literally) taking liberties.

  5. bloke (not) in spain

    I shouldn’t think there’s much chance of a Home Sec being given an award for bravery, is there? It’s all downsides.

  6. The problem is we lack a liberal media. It is divided between authoritarians of the right and left, because fear and loathing sells more newspapers than “calm down, nothing to see here”. The result is that any liberal Home Secretary will be immediately pummelled as a softie who is allowing muggers to rape your women and livestock, with dangerous dogs, which they learned from extremist websites on the internet, so everyone in the position just tries to out-nazi the previous one. Hence Blunkett’s famous boast that he’d “make Jack Straw look like a lily-livered liberal”, etc.

  7. bloke (not) in spain

    ~fear and loathing sells more newspapers than “calm down, nothing to see here”.~

    Did a remarkable job on the Rochdale story, though, didn’t they.
    Let’s be honest. It’s a media with an agenda. Much the same agenda as your politicians. For politicians it’s a feature not a bug.

  8. The bitch sees the femmi-shite as her chance for Thatcher 2. It is as simple as that. Notice that you don’t see anymore photos of the ugly hag trying to posture as a “model” which was her style a few years back. She is the type that would say/do anything or enlist in any cause to advance her self. if the present bête-noir was UFOs instead of paedos she would be shrieking “Keep watching the skies”.

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