It’s the cover up that gets you, every time

Hillary Clinton deepened the suspicions of her critics on Tuesday when she said that the private server she kept in her home to store her email “contains personal communications from my husband and me”.

There is only one problem with that: just this week a spokesman for Bill Clinton said the former president does not use email at all.

“The former president, who does regularly use Twitter, has sent a grand total of two emails during his entire life, both as president,” Matt McKenna, the spokesman, told the Wall Street Journal.


16 thoughts on “It’s the cover up that gets you, every time”

  1. She doesn’t say they are between her and her husband though. Remember, these are lawyers we are dealing with so choose words carefully.

    And it’s entirely possible that the server does contain both (personal) emails Bill has ever sent in his entire life.

    Of course in many other professions, using a personal email account for work could easily get you fired.

  2. “She doesn’t say they are between her and her husband though”

    Yes, I thought that too. “contains personal communications from my husband and me” looks like it’s meant to make us think they are between her and Bill, whilst not actually saying so.

    It looks like “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” again.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    She gave her personal assistant a private e-mail account too. The woman married to the naked-dick-photo guy from New York. The assistant to whom Hilary has been linked by various utterly discreditable sources.

    The question is who gets to decide which of my e-mails are work product? Me or my employer?

  4. Jeb bush has released all of his emails as governor. I respect that and find it unsettling at the same time. I suppose you have to assume anything you write will be leaked anyway.

  5. She’s still going to win though – no-one on the Democratic side is going to have a chance in their party primaries (though I wouldn’t mind seeing Diamond Joe Biden take a shot), and the Republican contenders are a collection of washed-up old-timers, cranks and hacks.

  6. What Hallowed Be says. Everything you write in electronic format can be expected to come back to haunt you if enter politics. Even Especially comments on this blog.

  7. She manages to make Sarah Palin look a respectable alternative. All HER emails were trawled through by the right on gang.

  8. Is it a cover-up though? Well, it depends on what your definition of “is” is. As the cover-up has been uncovered the cover-up is something that isn’t.

    See, any fool can learn Clintonese with a bit of effort.

  9. It’s the lie about the lie about the cover up which gets you, unless you are a Democrat, in which case the media focuses on what a Republican senator said about Jesus in 1974.

  10. On the subject of email coverups, have the head of the IRS and her immediate minions been done for saying all her emails were lost due to one hard drive on a desktop box falling over yet? And have the backup tapes which have since been discovered been forensically checked?

  11. Telegraph: “That is out of the over 60,000 emails which Mrs Clinton says she sent during that period, half of which she deemed work-related and turned over to the State Department for archival purposes.
    Mrs Clinton said that the other 30,000 emails were “personal” correspondence –ranging from plans for her daughter’s wedding to her yoga schedule– which she “chose not to keep” on file.”

    So 30,000 emails were trivial day to day stuff. Emails sent in an instance without an ounce of thought.

    To measure efficacy, one has to compare the serious 30,000 emails with the 30,000 trivial ones.

  12. Cman–you also have to weigh the likelihood of the bitch telling the truth. If Hell had her perhaps but not ever otherwise.

  13. I was particularly astonished by her claim that none of her emails contained national security info: she was SecState, so just about ALL of her emails would contain national security info.
    I’m not surprised she said this since she’s an habitual liar.
    I am surprised the press hasn’t jumped on her.

  14. “She gave her personal assistant a private e-mail account too. The woman married to the naked-dick-photo guy from New York”

    You can see why the woman needs a private e-mail account.

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