Not quite I think

Human rights groups say that prisoners often do not receive a fair trial at the hands of Pakistan’s outdated criminal justice system and that torture has often been used to force confessions from poorly-trained police.

I have a sneaking suspicion that that “from” should be a “by”.

7 thoughts on “Not quite I think”

  1. So the complaint is that Pakistan’s police force are poorly-trained at using torture to force confessions?

  2. Sgt. Malik . Report first thing tomorrow for torture resistence training at once, you caved far too readily.

  3. It may well improve the competence of the Pakistani police if it was put in to action.

    It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

    Well, yes, okay, it would hurt them. That being the point of torture.

  4. Maybe they’re so poorly trained they don’t realise it’s the suspects rather than each other they’re meant to torture.

  5. Do these “human rights groups” have much to say about Islamists chucking grenades into Christian Churches?

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    Funny, when I say that most Third World police forces are run by brutally incompetent buffoons, I get attacked for racial insensitivity. When the BBC says it is even worse than I thought – they are too stupid to torture the right people – what happens?

    Nothing by the sounds of it. Where are Ironman and BiG now?

    The British police are not what they used to be. But I think we should take a moment and thank God they are not what they will become just yet.

  7. So Much for Subtlety

    Isn’t it interesting how the BBC assumes a link between the justice system being “out dated” and poor outcomes? It is an interesting insight into their thought processes.

    Whatever problems Pakistan has, I am willing to bet it is not because the system is out dated. I am willing to bet that when the British ran it, it worked perfectly well. With a lot less, if not no, torture.

    But the British usually set up systems that rely on chaps being decent chaps who might not be all that bright but at least are keen. Which means they work hard. If someone replaces them with men from a culture where shame not guilt is important (i.e. anything is fine as long as you don’t get caught) and where the done thing is to sit around all day, collecting a pay cheque but not working, well, obviously things are not going to work as smoothly.

    The counter-example would be Britain. Which has a very up-to-date legal system, although fewer decent chaps. I doubt very much whether outcomes are particularly positive in the UK either. Although we can probably agree torture, even of policemen, is probably rare. Unless, you know, they are into that sort of thing. They no longer have the common sense of a headless chicken. As a prime example of how political correctness makes people stupid, piercing your genitalia will now be classified as FGM:

    It is almost enough to drive me to get a Prince Albert as a protest.

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