Now there’s posh

It was an attempt to portray Ed Miliband as a “man of the people” by filming him alongside his wife in a small, austere kitchen of their north London home.

But the move backfired after it emerged the room was in fact the smaller of two kitchens in his £2 million mansion, which he uses only for preparing “tea and quick snacks”.

Having a different kitchen to prepare the tea in…..

15 thoughts on “Now there’s posh”

  1. Julia M. It would be far quicker to compile a list of who’s not a blithering incompetent in the Labour Party. You might even end up with a blank sheet of paper.

  2. Almost as nauseating as a programme last night featuring Milipede being asked questions with a notice in the background saying “Free Speech”. The very idea that lefties favour free speech is a joke. The Guardian has published any number of anti free speech articles.

  3. This story is a wonderful little insight into a) the lives of those who wish to govern us, and b) their lack of intellect in their hamfisted attempt to appear ‘normal’. Who exactly thought ‘I know, we’ll have the kitchen photo shoot in this little annex room that would be a small kitchen in a suburban semi, that has zero evidence of human usage, and pretend this is the main kitchen in a £2m mansion’? How utterly stupid, and insulting to the intelligence of the public. And presumably Millipede agreed with them, as he went along with it.

    And these people think they should be in charge of us?

  4. This “small” kitchen for “making tea” has TWO ovens. It is clearly where the visiting chef(s) prepare the dinners.
    Am I the first to have spotted this?

  5. It occurs me that we the people would like to think that those who govern us live in nice houses and it is odd indeed to pretend not to have a nice kitchen.

  6. @ alan scott
    No: it is a so-called “double oven” where the grill is separate from the main oven but the upper space can also be used to warm plates when the main oven is in use and the grill is not. So you can grill steaks (or sausages or whatever) at the same time as baking potatoes or cooking a pudding.
    Standard fittings in kitchens in the Barbican estate where a one-bedroom flat costs around half a £million. So perfectly plausible in a £2.4m townhouse.

  7. So Much for Subtlety

    AndyC – “I think you should vote for the potential PM whose wife you’d most like to bang.”

    They are such a-moral vote-grubbing sh!ts who are prepared to do anything to get into Number Ten, that it only makes sense to vote according to the wife you have banged.

    Not that I can think off hand of one I would want to. Sam Cam perhaps.

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