Numbers, numbers

The curse of the arts graduates strikes once again:

At $49 million, it is the most expensive property in the hilly West Coast city. It demolishes the previous record that was set just three months ago by a $39 million family home. For those that do have half a billion to splurge,

10 thoughts on “Numbers, numbers”

  1. If memory serves, a billion was once a hundred million. We changed it to a thousand million to get in line with the Yanks.

  2. Correct, million, milliard, billion, trillion (some languages still use this, had this discussion in Czech only last week) and now we UK use American, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    Matt W – “Why did Liz Jones need an animal behaviourist?”

    Help her with all her cats?

    The obvious question with the Daily Mail was did they mean he was fined £10,000 or 10 pence?

  4. bloke (not) in spain

    I gather in trading markets a billion’s referred to as a “yard” – from milliard – to avoid confusions with million.

  5. Grade inflation.
    Animal behaviourist = stable lass, as recycling engineer = binman.
    In other news, Liz Jones has achieved A marks in both GCSEs, Media Studies and Self Esteem.

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    bloke in france – “Animal behaviourist = stable lass, as recycling engineer = binman.”

    Yes and no. One of the revolutions in the horse world has been the Horse Whispering crap. I expect it won’t be long before it is mandatory. Even the Queen endorses it. There is a little bit more to looking after horses than there used to be. A lot more psychology. If that is what “Nic” does, well, that is fair enough. If.

    “In other news, Liz Jones has achieved A marks in both GCSEs, Media Studies and Self Esteem.”

    I have probably said before but so many newspapers are cruelly exploiting the mentally ill by giving them columns. Liz Jones has to be the poster-child for having Bedlam delivered to you every morning so you can mock the mentally ill over your toast and marmalade. In fact it is probably easier to list the female columnists who are not deeply disturbed – I blame Germaine Greer. She seems to have started it. What someone like Laurie Penny needs is help. Not encouragement to become worse.

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