So let us measure the value of schoolteachers then

Working class parents should be allowed to take their children on a week’s holiday outside the normal school calendar without running the risk of being fined, an influential teachers’ unions has said.

Poor children, defined as those eligible for free schools meals, run the risk of missing out because their parents cannot afford the high cost of travelling during school breaks, according to the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

“It can’t be right for children whose parents have less resources to never manage to go on a holiday just because they can’t afford to go in the school holiday time,” Christine Blower, the NUT’s general secretary said.

The head of a schoolteachers’ union states that poor children have their lives improved by having a week absent from those schoolteachers that head of a union represents.

If even the fucking union thinks that teachers have a negative value then why don’t we just fire the lot of them?

24 thoughts on “So let us measure the value of schoolteachers then”

  1. We have truly solved humanities major problems if the next big issue is a right to a slightly cheaper week on holiday.

  2. There is another interpretation: The total benefit of 39 weeks of education + 0 foreign holidays is less than 38 weeks + 1 foreign holiday. We infer that foreign holidays have significant educational value, and therefore should be provided by government.

  3. Any teacher will tell you that the last week of school term is a waste of time educationally. The majority of classes collapse into entertaining the little darlings rather than teaching them anything useful. Children will learn how to shop in foreign, which is itself an educational experience, if penny-wise parents take some holiday a week early.

  4. Andrew M

    There is another interpretation: The total benefit of 39 weeks of education + 0 foreign holidays is less than 38 weeks + 1 foreign holiday.

    That’s exactly it, and is obvious. Hence, there are private schools that often arrange such trips “within” term time (or at least did in my day).

    And whether or not the school does, the parent should always be able to decide. I can’t believe it was a “so called” Conservative government that decided to fine parents in this context.

  5. > I can’t believe it was a “so called” Conservative government…

    It smells of civil service rather than ministers. Any MP who has met members of the public would, upon hearing of this proposed policy, immediately picture hordes of middle-class constituents complaining about it. Civil servants aren’t exposed to the public, and thus have no such hesitation.

  6. Andrew M

    It smells of civil service rather than ministers.

    But which suggests that said Conservatives (responsible for those civil servants) were no more useful than badly designed chocolate teapots…

    Whichever way one paints it.

  7. Well, 2 problemettes.

    Firstly whilst it is true that the end of the term is pretty much education free (especially in July and December) this isn’t when the weeks are taken, they are taken in mid term when it does matter.

    Secondly the benefit depends on where they go and what they do. If they go to Benidorm and spend the entire time on the beach, it isn’t going to help them one iota, even in Spanish.

  8. “But which suggests that said Conservatives (responsible for those civil servants) were no more useful than badly designed chocolate teapots…”

    If you had said “less useful than badly designed chocolate teapots” then you would have it exactly right.

  9. According to various posts on Dominic Cimming’s blog the civil servants simply didn’t bother telling the ministers about various new policies or had them cleared through the enthusiasts (SpAds not elected) in the Cabinet Office.

    Whether this is one of them or not … Because it isn’t new law – you’ve always been breaking the law taking kids out of school without both a lawful excuse and the school’s permission – this is just a tightening up of the implementation framework and can be trivial spun, as I seem to remember it was, as “tough on the parents of truants”.) Then just tell LEAs not to give permission for kids to be out of school for holidays.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Perhaps they have in mind that it will be the most disruptive children who are taken out and whilst the education of the child taken out might suffer negative consequences the rest of the class will benefit.

  11. Because they are child-minding service which parents who are both working cannot do without. Which is the main value –to ordinary people-of state education. Like health care it should be replaced gradually with 100% private education for all kids.

    If you approve of your kids being (badly) taught leftist propaganda shite you can–with other fellow believers take over some of the staff of the state system and pay for it yourselves.

  12. Such poverty! The idea of free school meals was to ensure poor starved mites got something warm and nutritious into them while their parents laboured/scavenged/struggled to keep a roof over their heads. Now they have paid for accommodation, paid idleness, enough cash to save up for some international travel, and expect to do it on the cheap! This generation of tax payers have been screwed as will the next.

  13. The problem with making the last week of term an unofficial holiday is that the week before that becomes…. The last week of term.

    Anyway, teachers’ unions really have sod all to do with education and sod all to do with teachers. Not many unions would have pottered around aimlessly while their members had their working hours doubled.

  14. I say bite the union’s hands off on this. (and give them a clap)
    Remove if possible the working class provision – which will be a nightmare. but yes I don’t see a fundamental reason why school administration can’t be sophisticated enough to manage their customers taking their holidays at different times.

  15. The first and last weeks of term are a waste of time only because the teachers permit them to be.

    Back in the day we had lessons right up to the last afternoon, and by God they were proper lessons that went right through to the end, with proper discipline still enforced. And always, always, a proper lesson on the very first day of term (albeit the last period of the day), just to make the point.

    So Tim is right – sack all the teachers.

  16. Do all the schools in the UK have the same schedule? In the USA the schedule is set by the local school district and term start and stop dates vary widely, so this holiday problem doesn’t occur.

  17. So, taking kids out of school during term time is illegal because of the disastrous effect on their schooling yadda yadda yadda but it’s alright for “working class” children who somehow magically and mysteriously don’t suffer this educational catastrophe.

  18. Now look! Our schools’ value is far more than looking after kids while parents work. Our own comments are glorious proof of that.

  19. I can think of perfectly good reasons why Tory MPs and their constituents would approve of the fines… mainly centred around the premise that nobody wants to be going on holiday at the same time as certain other of societies groups.

    All of the childless, plus those who’s offspring are past schooling age, greatly appreciate there being a narrow window when holidays cost a fortune and the airports/beaches/etc are full of arseholes. Especially as these both happen at the same time. Even the child-ed Tory voters probably like the idea of paying a small fine for the privelege of taking Josh and Freya somewhere sunny without the riff-raff there making the place look fun untidy.

  20. @ TTG
    I do not and never have cared about when anyone else wants to go on holiday except when I am required to cover for them. As I never wanted to go to Benidorm it matters not a jot how many oher people will be there.
    Also it’s nothing to do with the party of the MP – well almost nothing as the “professional” single mothers who have serial chlldren so that they never have to go to work until they are 50+ are so rare that despite almost all living in safe Labour seats they don’t have a noticeable impact.
    NO, we don’t want holidays to cost those with school-age chidren a fortune unless we have large shareholdings in Thomas Cook (or its parent) – I don’t – frankly either we don’t care or resent the fsamilies being ripped-off.

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