So this Ritchie stuff is all about guilt then is it?

The arrangement does indeed look like tax avoidance

And she appears to be investing in the law being changed to prevent such avoidance in future

So there’s a past mistake, by the look of it

And a willingness to invest in reform now

Is that hypocrisy or a wish to make amends? It looks like the second to me.

And remember, in 2002 almost everyone would have told her to do this and there was no counter-narrative from people like me.

And I too have changed my mind on issues since then. Wise people do. That’s not hypocrisy. That is wisdom

Hmm. At the least a desire to make amends would be accompanied by an expression of regret (that Catholic confession thing: you’ve got to admit you did wrong as well as make amends). And, presumably, pay back the tax dodged.

Which leaves the interesting question. When is Ritchie going to pay back the tax he has dodged?

5 thoughts on “So this Ritchie stuff is all about guilt then is it?”

  1. I can imagine my confession:

    “Father, when I was single it was in my interest to shag around. But now I’ve met a well-to-do female doctor who wishes to marry, it’s in my interest to be a trustworthworthy husband. I also think I need a column in the parish newsletter denouncing all the fornicators and adulterers. And they are trolls if they complain.

    Now I think that ends the confession father. I’m sure you’ll agree our Lord will applaud my wisdom”

  2. I’ve queried with Ritchie a number of things he’s done in the past and his answer is much the same that “everyone was doing it at the time”. Having taken advantage of every tax rule he could to set himself up in financial comfort he now sees no need for these rules. He reminds me of someone sat in one of the lifeboats from the Titanic who is explaining to those in the water around him how swimming is good for them.

    He seeks the protection of LLP status and goes on and on about the need for openness yet sees no reason why he should reveal details of his own tax affairs. He was having a moan about PwC ‘secrecy’ but at least PwC’s LLP accounts show how much tax the partners pay. Try asking him why PwC seem more open about the tax their partners pay than Tax Research UK……

  3. Live At The Witch Trials:

    Margaret Hodge in her showboating “questioning” of the HSBC boss has just said “When something goes wrong on your watch in the public sector you resign”.

    I leave it as an exercise for the reader to point out the inaccuracies of this statement.

    It’s still not clear if Mr Gulliver floats or sinks though.

  4. Nice to see that the LHTD considers himself amongst the legions of the wise.

    Well, he’s correct. For certain values of wise, which may have little or no relation to the dictionary definition.

  5. @abacab:

    Perfectly normal behaviour from him. He is continuing to redefine the language to his own ends.

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