Telegraph subs…..

“UKIP candidate gets date of General Election wrong on campaign poster” claimed the Telegraph this morning, publishing a leaflet from soon to be red-faced candidate John Tennant, who had embarrassingly told voters to turn out on May 6 instead of May 7.

Just one problem with the story: the leaflet was from 2010, when polling day was May 6. Whoops!


8 thoughts on “Telegraph subs…..”

  1. In retaliation, UKIP might post the canard that Cameron’s sending troops to the Ukraine violates the Minsk Treaty he’s been banging on about.

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    We already know the Torygraph’s editorial filler can be bought and paid for. They recently admitted as much. So how much did the Conservative Party pay them for this codswallop?

  3. It’s from the Telegraph. They’re not interested in bashing UKIP, just in trolling UKIP supporters and detractors.

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