Thank God it’s only the book

Alex Salmond’s new book about the independence referendum is the “longest exercise in literary masturbation since politics began”, Paddy Ashdown has said in an outspoken attack on its smug tone.

Don’t want to have to cope with the mental vision of the Wee Eck actually doing that…..

9 thoughts on “Thank God it’s only the book”

  1. I feel very sorry for those Scots who don’t support the Nats. Looks like Scotland is about to do a textbook demonstration of what’s wrong with FPTP.

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    ““longest exercise in literary masturbation since politics began”

    Bearing in mind the strong competition, I doubt this. Didn’t Pantsdown publish something?

  3. @IanB:


    You probably won’t know about some of the individual SNP candidates who might get elected. Genuine scary. For example. An extreme left wing comedy club owner who defected from Labour is likely to become an MP. His public statements are all variations of “Thatcher is evil”

    If Individual SNP candidates were to get the same kind of scrutiny that applies to UKIP then it would be made clear that the party is full of fascist extremists.

    The SNP is determined to destroy the UK at all costs. If it means fucking over the English, Welsh and Northern Irish, well, they will be quite prepared.

    I despise them, but also fear them.

  4. To be fair, I can’t think of any politician of the past 10 years who deserves to be smug more than Salmond. I think the SNP are small-minded client state tossers, obsessed with natural wealth rather than productive wealth and will turn the place into McVenezuela, but in that period they’ve gone from a junior member of a coalition in Scotland to being outright in control of the Scottish parliament, getting a very decent percentage in the referendum and are about to destroy Labour in Scotland.

  5. The Scottish mind is poisoned with socialism. An independent free-market Scotland would prosper. The SNP will create a tyrannical socialist shithole. And I’m not joking about the tyranny. I hope the north of England gains greatly because any Scot with any taste for freedom, prosperity and a free life will be a refugee up there.

  6. I fear Mr Ecks’ is right. The last time a country was ruled by a mix of Socialists and Nationalists it didn’t end up so well, I recall.

  7. Stigler-

    Hitler pulled something similar off in Germany. He was also pretty smug.


    Reminds me of the last Libertarian Alliance Question Time on Youtube which I was on the panel on; our Scottish panellist Dan Greene summed up the Scots Nats with “they’re scary scary people”.

  8. Though you might not relish the mental image of Salmond cracking one off, the more satisfying image I have in mind is from Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon where the ship on which Jack Shaftoe is a galley-slave at this point, is boarded by Barbary pirates. I can just see Salmond as the captain of the galley being ‘seen to’ over a barrel by one of the pirates. Sadly it doesn’t look like he’ll get the equivalent political treatment any time soon.

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