The Patriarchal Bastards!

International Women’s Day in the US coincides with daylight savings, which means that they only get 23 hours for their day.

Men are bastards, eh?

From Matt L of this parish.

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  1. So Much for Subtlety

    It is well known that nature is sexist. The real world too. Clearly God must be a woman. Only women hate other women that much. Either that or we need to investigate what sort of shirt those scientists were wearing.

    In other news, Cameron thinks that his Fake EU-Referendum wheeze will work for Grammar Schools too:

    The first new grammar school in half a century is set to be signed off – but only if the Tories win the election.

    The Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is preparing to give the go ahead to the new school for girls in Sevenoaks, Kent – but is being blocked from making an announcement until after polling day by Downing Street.

    Personally, I blame sexism. It looks like an utterly cynical election stunt by a retarded buffoon, who clearly thinks we are all stupid enough to fall for it, but actually it is a sexist cynical election stunt by a retarded buffoon, who clearly thinks we are all stupid enough to fall for it. Cameron is denying a small-ish number of girls a proper education by refusing to allow the schools now. Sexist innit?

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Incidentally, just to add to the general trend of feminism declining into bat sh!t crazy irrelevance, a quick perusal of David Thompson’s blog showed these milestones in our moral superiors’ intellectual development:

    And don’t forget the self-described “bacon-eating vegan” who was left shocked and tearful upon discovering that her degrees in “social justice studies” and “gender studies” have zero value in the job market. “My degrees mean NOTHING,” tweeted she. “I don’t even know how to process the reality that is my life now.”

    Although I think she does her studies a disservice. Obviously they mean something and they do not have zero value. They probably have quite a substantive value on the job market, actually. Just with a minus sign out the front.

    Witchcraft – and the embrace of “magical” practices, like reading tarot cards – has recently experienced a resurgence of sorts among young, creative, politically engaged women.

    So it turns out that Pat Robinson was right after all. Who knew?

    And remember, these students – the ones who can’t be bothered to listen and who, based on nothing, dismiss those who disagree with them as “rape apologists” – they think they’re intellectuals. They think they know better, indeed know everything, at the age of 21.

    That was a great article by the way.

    And meanwhile from their close allies on the Far Left:

    I never claimed that the future of humanity “may rest on the beneficence of extra-terrestrial reptiles.” I… referred to the reptilian control theory, which argues that for thousands of years humanity has been controlled by a reptilian race, using their mixed reptile-human genetic bloodlines, who have oppressed and exploited humans, while claiming descent from the ‘gods’ and the divine right to rule by bloodline. Ancient and modern society is obsessed with reptilian, serpent and dragon themes, possibly due to this heritage. Even the flag of Wales has a dragon on it.

    Most people have closed minds, depending on the issues. Mention the possibility of aliens secretly manipulating humanity behind the scenes and the shutters come down.

    To laugh would be too cruel. A quiet snigger seems called for though.

  3. Dunno about Silurians or even Ordovices, but look out for the third tit – Ken Clarke has two and is one.

  4. Tim fancy taking down that old oxfam factoid about women globally performing 60% of the world work and getting 10% of the income that was doing the rounds on facebook yesterday? If you google it you’ll see the image.

  5. bloke (not) in spain

    …the self-described “bacon-eating vegan”

    There’s a thing. I’m not the only one to come across them. Nor the synagogue attending Jews who’ll come round & sit in your kitchen scoffing bacon & eggs on Sabbath morning.

    Is there something about salting & curing a dead pig reclassifies it as a mineral?

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