The strategic baby

Hasn’t worked though:

The supermodel Lily Cole has announced she is pregnant with her first child.

The Cambridge-educated model told her followers on social media that she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Kwame Ferreira.

The “social media” she announced it on is her own, government funded, site called something or other. And the news reports aren’t giving the name of the site.

All those years of raising a brat for no strategic purpose, eh?

16 thoughts on “The strategic baby”

  1. She looks like some kind of alien hybrid. Do our galactic space brothers and sisters already walk among us?

  2. Government funded? Really?

    Surely, it is impossible that the government would fund a vanity site like that?

    Good job we’re not running a massive deficit, eh?

  3. No, the social media site she announced it on is instagram. And that news report, at least, mentions “impossible” at least three times. Admittedly, two of those are quoting her.

    From the site itself:

    How was Impossible funded?

    Impossible has been so far funded through gifts from several individuals, companies and a grant from the British government.

  4. bloke (not) in spain

    The purpose of the Telegraph is becoming increasingly obscure, when the Daily Mail already exists.

  5. Kwame Ferreira is founder of Kwamecorp, a global innovation company that consults for technology giants including Samsung and Intel and builds products for technology start-up companies.

    So he’s an IT consultant with a one-man-band limited company (for tax purposes) and delusions of grandeur.

  6. “We have a world-class team of software and hardware engineers, organised in pods, working all over the world. From web, mobile all the way down to assembly, we cover it.” … According to their/his website at any rate. (Do people really say they are “organised in pods”? That sounds awful.)

  7. Incidentally the chap himself seems to be (if I haven’t got the wrong end of the such) a designer and UI/UX consultant. So on the fluffy side of “IT consultant”.

    I think I sneakily admire the narcissism in his company naming strategy. Sounds like the kind of personality trait that might catch you a supermodel.

  8. Wrong end of the stick, obviously. (Wasn’t someone here praising the auto predict on Windows mobile a few days back? It’s pretty good but it does some weird stuff sometimes.)

  9. bloke (not) in spain

    Been looking at the Impossible website

    “help others and earn thanks. thanks is a currency you can use to purchase products and services around the world”

    Richard Murphy is going to go f**k**g apesh*t.

  10. Sebastian Weetabix

    When did it become compulsory for models to be ugly dogs? She definitely isn’t wank material, is she?

  11. @SW r u saying that if she let u u wouldn’t? if she did u shud n i bet u wud.

    but she won’t so we’ll never know.

  12. u shud make her suffer,make her wait, play hard to get, she’d be gagging even more by the end.

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