When the hell did this happen?

With food prices rocketing and the rouble in freefall, life has not been easy for ordinary Russians since Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Ukraine.

Vova’s taken Kiev?

Or do we think a quiet word with the Telegraph’s subs might be a good idea?

3 thoughts on “When the hell did this happen?”

  1. bloke (not) in spain

    Wouldn’t “liberated Kiev” be more appropriate for an age of RT watching conspiracy theorists?
    But nothing would surprise. I’ve asked a couple of the more convinced ones to point to Ukraine on a map. Despite the constant TV news graphics of Crimea & the Black Sea, consensus seems to be Eastern Baltic coast. But then, the convention of maps being orientated north doesn’t spread widely.

  2. Look on the bright side. The falling rouble will stimulate the Russian economy, just as the Telegraph’s Ambrose has been saying for years a falling euro would do to Europe (note that now the euro is falling it’s a sign of the end times).

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