Yup, the bigger kitchen is for the servant(s)

And now the tale of Ed Miliband’s two kitchens has taken a new twist – with claims that one of them is reserved for his family’s live-in nanny.

A source told The Telegraph that Mr Miliband was indeed a regular user of the “bland” and “humourless” kitchenette in which he was filmed with his wife Justine by the BBC.

But it is understood that the second, bigger kitchen – which Mr Miliband has admitted does exist – lies beneath in the lower ground floor of their £2  million home.

The source said that kitchen was largely used by the Miliband family’s live-in nanny.

Although if the nanny is doing the cooking then she’s really a maid of all work, isn’t she?

28 thoughts on “Yup, the bigger kitchen is for the servant(s)”

  1. Live-in staff ? Those photoshopped pictures of Ed in the Downton Abbey servants’ kitchen are looking less like satire and more like real-life in Dartmouth Park.

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    Do we have a nationality on the “nanny” yet? Scots? A Home Counties Mary Poppins? Or a Filipino drudge?
    I can recall a house in Regents Park got a bathroom, the “nanny’s” (or was it “au pair’s”?) bedroom was a narrow bed & a chest of drawers in a small room you had to walk through to get to the kitchen. Not saying she had much likelihood of spending any time in it. Bulgarian I think she was.
    The lady of the house? Well known left-wing writer. & occasional QT panelist in the Labour cause.

  3. I expect this story will keep growing and will soon the Daily Mail will include lots of references to ‘immigrant’ and ‘living wage’.

  4. Sounds to me like Ed’s got himself a housekeeper/cook/ general dogsbody, but doesn’t want to admit it, so has called her a nanny, which sounds less like ‘staff’.

    I love it when the narrative begins to fall apart and reality starts to intrude.

  5. So Much for Subtlety

    Tim Newman – “Has he really not heard of the phrase starting “When in a hole…”?”

    …. stop your Polish gardener digging any further?

    The questions we want answers to now are:

    1. Is she legal?
    2. Has he paid the appropriate taxes and National Insurance?

    I don’t suppose we can be so lucky, but please God let her be an illegal Indonesian.

  6. Or maybe she sought advice from one R. Murphy and has set up herself up as a company.

    You never know though she could have been rescued from a life of slavery in a Vietnamese nailbar/brothel.

  7. So Much for Subtlety

    magnusw – “You never know though she could have been rescued from a life of slavery in a Vietnamese nailbar/brothel.”

    If it turned out she was, and she turned around and claimed asylum on the grounds that she had been trafficked, I will probably have a coronary from sheer joy.

  8. So Much for Subtlety

    GlenDorran – “The real question: is Ed fucking the nanny?”

    Not seen the wife then have you?

  9. Kitchengate: Ed Miliband has found himself the centre of an unexpected media storm as he is pictured in a kitchen with a “small, dull wife, like something from the old Soviet Union. Friends have rushed to his defence, saying that this is not a cynical attempt to look like the average man whose wife is a bit of a minger, but rather that this is the woman he just uses occasionally when he can’t be bothered to go below stairs to use the more glamorous one.

    “Speaking from their £2 million home in Islington, Mr Miliband said, ‘this small dowdy wife gets regular use, particularly when I have friends round. But I can be regularly be found entering the servant’s quarters via the tradesman’s entrance. Everyone has two round here’.”

  10. actually the really interesting thing about the nanny is nationality/work permit situation and what he is paying her and how.

  11. Why do we assume that the ‘nanny’ is a woman? Could it just have been a rent-boy to help out the Mrs? Doing stuff Ed just isn’t man enough to do?

  12. Why Ed feels the need to hide his success is a mystery to me.

    What we have here is a state-educated, ordinary, hard-working couple who by dint of hard work have managed to buy a 1.3 million pound mansion. They must have made terrific sacrifices somewhere; we all know that MP’s are grossly under-paid for a start.

    I find it inspiring.

  13. What has labour been saying about Cameron not understanding normal people?
    How many of us have a nanny? How many of us have a kitchen for the staff and a smaller kitchen for ourselves?

  14. The only thing to do is take the photo-ops at face value.

    Ed has told us that, despite so many advantages in life and including a successful wife, they can do no better than a poky and drably austere kitchen.

    If kitchens are the window to a family’s soul, then something is horribly wrong chez Milliband, and life in the public eye can only make things worse.

    As a kindness, I shall not vote for him.

  15. Kitchengate, latest breaking news:

    “Farage ‘Has Only Got One, And It’s The Size Of A Lemon'”.

  16. Here in New Jersey, Americans are talking of little else but the UK election. Most are familiar with Cameron from Downton Abbey, while Nick Clegg gets hearts fluttering the world over.

    Milliband is more puzzling to the locals, many just assume that he’s some sort of AI experiment gone wrong, perhaps based on a Sinclair C5.

    As Americans were rather hoping that kitchens would be a thing of the past by now the current scandal is particularly baffling. Further, most US politicians seem to be able to save at least 700% of their gross salary each year, so tend to be fairly well-off. If you want two kitchens, why hide it?

  17. Upon reflection, the only plausible reason why anyone would need a “kitchinette” for “preparation of tea and light snacks” is indeed if there are staff working in the main kitchen and the man of the house does not wish to interrupt them in their tasks.

    Normal human beings prepare their tea and light snacks in their single, only kitchen, like they do all other meals, such kitchens having, you know, stuff out on the counters…

  18. bloke (not) in spain

    Thinking back, I can remember one of our customers – couple, both high fliers in the City – had an apartment didn’t have a kitchen.
    Now that’s style.

  19. “Farage ‘Has Only Got One, And It’s The Size Of A Lemon’”

    Farage has a wife the size of a lemon?

  20. But the REALLY important question…..has he got her one of those French Maid outfits with the little lacy apron and the black stockings?
    Is she Pert?

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