Anyone with access to PNAS?…I have this now, thank you to JJ

This paper.

Anyone want to send me a full copy? Just from the abstract I suspect they’ve got some things really rather wrong.

The results show that the limitations for many metals important in emerging electronics (e.g., gallium and selenium) are largely those related to supply risk;

A gallium supply risk? Eh?

They also seem to think that we’re heavily reliant upon DRC for tantalum. What?

Update: Yep, they’re wrong.

Reserves and reserve base estimates by the USGS were typically used, with a publication year of 2009 selected for this study (40). This selection was due to the fact that the study year is 2008 and these are the data that would have been available when analyzing criticality for this year.

You cannot go around using mineral reserves as estimates of mineral availability. It’s just nonsense. Reserves are, as the best description, the working stock of extant mines. This has absolutely nothing at all to sodding do with the amount of some mineral that we could go and mine.

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