Apparently Jordan Spieth is going to start shagging waitresses

Masters winner Jordan Spieth is the new Tiger Woods

That’s what they mean isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Apparently Jordan Spieth is going to start shagging waitresses”

  1. If he is he better get to it quick before he is too old. The paper said he is 21. He already looks middle-aged in the photos with the article. 21?–golf is a waste of time but it must be a thief of time as well if that bloke is 21.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Surely it means the opposite? Tiger Woods was a marketing dream because he was so nice, well mannered, well behaved and so on. Every mother’s dream of a boyfriend for their daughter.

    Turned out he was just another low life. His marketing value collapsed.

    What they are hoping for is that Spieth is going to be the sort of person Mothers love and so will sell any number of useless products. The point being he may or may not be the sort of person everyone thought Woods was but he wasn’t.

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