Bit of a tin ear here

Labour leader says he would happily pay £3,000 annual mansion tax out of he and his wife’s spare income

Obviously, it’s true, but £k a year out of “spare income”? Bit tin earish.

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  1. @PTS, no doubt ordinary bloke Milliblob said “me an me missuses”, so the Torygraph are just changing from first to second person.

  2. He’s a tin ear attached to funny eyes with a foot in his mouth and he’s still going to be our next PM because he’s going to give stupid people more stuff. I hope they wreck the joint and the country really gets what it apparently wants.

  3. Coming from the guy who had his publicity photo taken in his butler’s pantry?

    Miliband’s going to win because Cameron said he didn’t want conservatives in his party and when they stood up to leave he called them fruitcakes, loons and closet racists. If the Republicans are the stupid party then the Conservatives must be the drooling imbecile party.

    But apparently Boris is going to save the day. /facepalm

  4. We know where this ‘spare income’ thing goes: the concept of a ‘living wage’ morphs into ‘£26k is all a person requires to live an equitable life – and the state has first dibs on any surplus income above this level’.

  5. Where does the £3K come from? Didn’t the Labour bloke have a car crash interview the other day where he basically refused to give any details of how much the tax would be, what rate would be levied, whether the value above £2m would be taxed or all the value of a £2m+ house etc etc?

    The CPS study suggested a 1% tax on values over £2m would only raise £1bn, which is less than Labour are saying theirs would raise, and 1% on £700K (Eds house being worth £2.7m apparently) would indicate a £7K/yr charge not £3K.

  6. Tin ear? Not really.

    “Spare income” was the sub’s phrase under the headline. EM never used it. So far from being a tin ear by him, it was a sly dig by the sub, and quite an effective one, seeing as Tim for one fell for it. If you read the article and not just the headline, you get the actual quote:

    “Where am I going to get the cash from? I’ll get it from my income, myself and Justine,” he said.”

    So in shocking news, (a) couple in a £2m house can afford to pay £3k a year and (b) a right wing paper has a dig at Milliband.

  7. SE – Citation needed!

    It’s a personal arbitrary figure – nonsensical. A mythical sum I once thought would enable me to live the good life. I reached my nirvana in the ’80s. When in subsequent years my income increased, little changed in life – except that instead of paying £5 for a bottle of wine, I could now afford to pay £20; instead of holidaying in 3 Star hotels I stayed in 5 Star establishments…

  8. Philip Scott Thomas

    Sorry, Luke.

    Still a tin ear. If he had said, “I’ll get it from our incomes, mine and Justine’s”, then I’d happily concede the point. But he didn’t.

    He has, apparently, failed to overcome the handicap of being a product of the English education system.

  9. @ SE
    If he became PM he wouldn’t have to pay Mansion Tax on No 10 because he wouldn’t own it and the Mansion tax on his current house wouyld be paid by the tenant as part of his/her rent.

  10. If he became PM he’d have kitchens at No. 10, Chequers and his constituency hovel. His sort of life, eh?

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