Decently sized redhead / auburn economist and this?

It had been thought that Miss Flanders and Mr Miliband were in a relationship in the mid-1990s, around the time that Miss Flanders was with Ed Balls, now the shadow Chancellor.

Shocking taste in men there, shocking. Whadda waste, eh?

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  1. She was in a secret relationship with me at the time as well.

    P.S. That is not strictly true but it has brightened up my commute.

  2. Miss Flanders, 46, fleetingly dated Miliboy in 2004. A single woman of 35 years can’t afford to be picky, alas.

  3. Rather my point. Why aren’t more properly sized 35 year old female redhead economists picking me? I certainly qualify as being for the not picky…..

  4. A straw poll of three normal women, held last night, agreed that, assuming she doesn’t have a stoat felching fetish, and given her CV (the Beeb and JP Morgan), she did it for purely for purposes of career advancement.

  5. It also helps explain how Robert Peston was able to report all those exclusive stories during the Financial crash of 2007/08 when the BBC spun everything as best it could to cover Labour’s catastrophically inept asses.

  6. “It does show how intertwined they all are.”

    Indeed. And why we must never have a privacy law.

  7. We knew that she ‘dated’ both Ed Milliband and Ed Balls, just assumed they were both back in the late 1980s, it’s just that we now realise Milliband was much later. All part of the same ‘got a first in PPE” set. Not exactly setting the world on fire as a market strategist at JP Morgan I gather – something to do with never having worked in a market economy I would think. Mind you JP Morgan employ Blair, so obviously regard having lefties around as a form of insurance policy. Most interesting thing about he inho is that her father was Flanders of Flanders and Swan.

  8. Philip Scott Thomas

    From Auntie’s former Economics Editor and the presenter of Stephanomics on R4:

    ‘Apparently we had nothing in common. He wanted to talk about economics – one of my least favourite subjects.’


  9. Ed was shagging Ed’s girl? Did Ed know? Could he get ‘is Ed around it? Are two Eds better than one? (Stop now: ed.)

  10. Sorry Tim–but you think she is an attractive woman?

    Theo: I actually agree with you on something. You will still end up penniless tho’.

  11. Philip Scott Thomas

    Andrew M –

    Yes, of course it does. My bad. I really should do more than just skim-read an article before commenting…

  12. Miliband didn’t get a first in PPE, despite being a politics nerd. That’s how mediocre he is. Even Cameron got a first.

  13. “Ms Flanders’ father was one of the members of Flanders and Swann.” “But which one?” enquired Ed.

  14. “Miliband didn’t get a first in PPE, despite being a politics nerd. That’s how mediocre he is. Even Cameron got a first.”

    At least Ed got into Oxford under his own steam, as far as I know. David of the ilk was shamefully fiddled into Oxford by his father.

  15. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Stick a beard on her and she’ll look just like daddy…

    Ms Flanders is one of these journos who is “wrong about everything” – I listened to her on Newsnight a while back and was lashing the telly with the cat, she was so frustratingly useless. I was going to ask “how does she get work?” but I guess we know now.

    At least Gwyneth is wrong in her own time…

    Also didn’t Miliband get in to Oxford just because he was Ralph’s son ? I thought he had rubbish A-levels, like me, but then I went to Scumbag College.

  16. @ dearieme
    Don’t talk soft.
    *Both* Miliband boys were *given* places at Corpus Christi, one of the weaker Oxford colleges, despite not having good enough ‘A’ levels on the excuse thatr they attended an “under-performing” state school. Many people believe that it was because their father was a famous Marxist academic. I was told that my old college turned down my son, despite his performing “well” (by Oxford standards) in the maths test and quite well despite being obviously nervous in the because they required *three* ‘A’s and the junior Chemistry teacher who didn’t like him had forecast a ‘C’ [he actually got an ‘A’]. No, Ed Millionaireband did *not* get in on his own merits.

  17. @ BNLIA
    David had rubbish/semi-rubbish ‘A’ levels. Ed’s were good enough to get into a second-class university.

  18. Long time since her father said “But then, our council is, of course, strictly non-political. They’re all Conservatives.”

  19. @ Alex
    Until very recently that was true in The City.
    If you just want to run a local authority efficiently in the interests of the residents you can all stand as Independents. Party politics only affects a very small part of council business and until the Labour Party adoped a policy of competing as a party in local elections, conservatives stood as people, not as party representatives. It lasted longest in The City even in the wards that were 90+% residential (so business votes were almost irrelevant but businessmen were allowed to stand*), but it also did so elsewhere, for instance when I was young Lord Gisborough was overwhelmingly elected – under secret ballot in case anyone doubts – to Guisborough town council because lots of people either believed that he was a good guy or that his interests coincided with those of the town.

    *In my first year as a resident I was called upon by a small, balding, Jewish businessman-elector who was one of the Common Councilmen for the ward standing for re-election because he wanted to meet each one of his electorate to find out their concerns. Yes, that is a racist comment by a non-Jew – he had been brought up to concentrate upon and dutifully fulfil all his reponsibilities. He didn’t need my vote.

  20. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    And anyway Tim, living in Czechland you’ll get Austrian TV. If you want to see a Milftastic bird doing economics, look up Angelika Ahrens on the ORF.

  21. What was wrong with Ed’s A-levels? WKPD says he got in Mathematics (A), English (A), Further Mathematics (B) and Physics (B), which was a decent haul back then. You are, I suspect, talking rubbish john77. It was brother David that cheated in by his father and his cronies.

    The problem with Ed is that he would seem to have gained no intellectual maturity since his A-level days.

  22. @ dearieme
    Ed did *not* get three ‘A’s which I was told was a minimum requirement. That is what was wrong with his ‘A’ levels.
    Have you considered reading what I say before saying that I am talking rubbish?
    Two ‘A’s and two ‘B’s was a decent haul, quite adequate to get him into a second-class university, as I said.

  23. Cameron and Miliband would have taken Oxbridge exam back in the 1980s so their A levels are pretty irrelevant. Just need two Es if you get accepted via exam and interview.

  24. “Ed did *not* get three ‘A’s which I was told was a minimum requirement. That is what was wrong with his ‘A’ levels.” Who on earth told you that? Three As wasn’t a minimum requirement at Oxford as recently as a dozen years ago; there’s not a chance that it was the requirement in Ed’s time.

  25. EM would have taken his A Levels in 1988, one year prior to me. I got three As (Math/Chem/Econ) but I know that wouldn’t have been enough to get me into Oxford, even in those days. You needed some serious brain power to get in, judging by the nature of my contemporaries who did get in. Straight As didn’t cut it on their own even then. If he only got Bs in Further Maths and Physics, then it wasn’t his intellect that got him in, thats for sure.

  26. People got into Oxford with two As and a B as recently as a dozen years ago. On this I speak with authority; I am not hazarding a guess or repeating ‘every schoolboy knows’ rubbish. Naturally they had to shine at admissions “tests” and in interview, but the conditional offer some of them got was two As and a B. The usual interpretation was a guess, albeit a plausible one; they had shone so brightly that the college concerned didn’t want to lose them because of one unfortunate day in the school examination room. Quite right too. You’d have to be distinctly non-Oxbridge material to suppose that three As was automatically better than two As and a B.

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