Bloody foreigners, taking our money and paying no tax!

Ed Miliband’s most senior adviser pays no tax on his reported £300,000 earnings in Britain, The Telegraph has learned.

David Axelrod, a former adviser to Barack Obama, admitted that he is not resident for tax purposes in the UK.

This is, of course, no different at all from Google Ireland selling advertising in the UK.

Person or company not resident in the UK pays no tax in the UK on income arising from UK. They pay where they are resident: in both cases, ultimately, in the US.

But of course one has an international campaign against it, the other will be, well, this is just normal, isn’t it? On political grounds, of course.

11 thoughts on “Bloody foreigners, taking our money and paying no tax!”

  1. It’s the LOL hypocracy that burns.

    Well, anyway, if he were tax resident in the UK he would get a nice glimpse of exactly what the US subjects its overseas citizens to on the financial front.

    Or probably not, cos Lab would probably just pay for a Big-4 firm to deal with it for him.

    In other news, Guido has a marvellous video of Ed making some terrific racist assumptions about the politics and voting plans of a Tory candidate:[email protected]/qo0E3j8Z3IQXlg

  2. Miliballs was brought up in the long shadow of Blair.

    He would read this – if he were allowed to read the newspapers – and a genuine frown of mystification would crease his brow. “So?” He would think, “What?”.

    A condition of NuLab membership was the complete absence of the shame gene.

  3. Like everyone, he’s subject to HMRC’s Statutory Residence Test. If he’s not paying tax then he probably isn’t in the country for more than 90 days in a given tax year.

    The Telegraph’s own man wrote this though:

    While it is unclear how much tax Mr Axelrod will pay in the US, the rates of tax for companies are often significantly lower than for individuals.

    Many readers will infer that Axelrod is dodging tax, when in fact (as we all know) he’ll have to pay tax when he takes it out of the company. Is the author deliberately misleading readers?

  4. Andrew M

    Very fair. And indeed fairness has been the defining feature of the tax dabate for the past five years. No witch-smelling, no ducking stool, no pillory, no…oh!

  5. @abacab: it’s reminiscent of Labour changing the voting rules to make it easier for their Asian client voters to cheat – clearly racist by them, and virtually uncommented on.

    Mind you, it’s pretty dim to do that and then invade Moslem countries and pile up the bodies.

  6. And so Ritchie speaks…

    And he gives David Axelrod a clean bill of health.

    And Glory Be… He employs the same logic and same arguments that we have heard from Tim Worstall on this blog. So we have territory, residence, importing services rather than providing them in the UK.

    Of course the difference is Tim’s consistency and willingness to apply the same standards across the board. Murphy by contrast is a hypocrite. Why employ a single set of standards when double standards will do?

    It also strikes me as odd that a supposedly politically neutral individual should be so keen to rush in to support or defend the Labour party; one would almost think he and and the Labour party had the same paymaster!

  7. And now he is arguing that if you have no presence here you shouldn’t pay yax here and ” no serious discussion on tax has ever suggested that”.
    Really? So you don’t think Tim Worstall in Portugal should pay tax in the UK on pain of losing his passport then do you Richard?

  8. And as for Amazon “pretending” not to have a UK presence: er, it doesn’t pretend to have warehousing; it happily acknowledges it. However, it then points to that pesky little thing we call LAW and claims not to be chargeable.

    You know.all this Richard. You just tell lies to get what you want. You are a thoroughly dishonest little shit.

  9. @Ironman, ” no serious discussion on tax has ever suggested that”

    Well, do you consider his discussions on tax to be serious?

    His full-blown US-style passport tax, despite existing in his blog archives for all to read, is now an un-thing consigned to the memory hole.

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