Err, yes….

HIV spreads throughout the body in a similar way to some computer worms, according to a new model, which also suggests that early treatment is key to finding a cure to the disease.

That’s why we use the same word to describe them both…..”virus”.

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  1. “Those twisted cables taste like shit” says David Cameron. “Its back to old-fashioned Spaghetti for me”.

  2. “I keep my spaghetti in my other kitchen” retorts Miliband. “This here is just some old cables that taste like shit”.

  3. A worm and a virus are different beasts; a worm is a program in it’s own right, a virus is code which modifies other programs and spreads itself when the host program is run.

  4. Aren’t they called viruses because of similarity to the way viruses spread between people, whereas this is talking about how they spread within a person?

  5. researchers have found that HIV progresses both via the bloodstream and directly between cells – akin to computer worms spreading themselves through two routes to infect as many computers as possible
    As TomJ says, worms are not viruses. And viruses are distinguished not be using two infection routes but one: they’re slabs of DNA that take over living cells.
    As my coffee mug says, ‘The Guardian. Wrong About everything. All the time.’

  6. Is there a computer pathogen that functions like a prion? If there were I might learn at last how to pronounce “prion”.

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