From a follower of George Galloway

It must be lovely to be so amazingly ignorant, eh? Only capitalists worry about inflation? Not people on wages or fixed incomes like pensions?

And yes, he does follow Galloway on Twitter….

13 thoughts on “From a follower of George Galloway”

  1. Clearly he’s skim-read Debt by Graeber and something by Naomi Klein and is therefore an expert on monetary policy.

  2. He also follows Alex Jones (Infowars/Prison Planet). I am sure David Icke will be in the mix there somewhere too.

  3. Fully accept that he follows and probably believes the gospel that is Galloway but I feel the need to point out the obvious that it seems from a number of posts that you (Tim) follow a man called Murphy but it does not mean you support him or believe him to be a true sage.
    Sometimes we follow others because it is amusing or enlightening as to what can be believed and asserted without the application of knowledge, logic or anything that could be loosely termed thinking

  4. Socialism is a hate-filled, envy-poisoned death cult. The crew who support it are morons whose hate-filled personal circumstances find an outlet in the desire to destroy. They start off destroying others but such is the nature of their cult and evil in general, that they soon find destruction reaching back for them also.

    To make the point:

  5. Fully accept that he follows and probably believes the gospel that is Galloway

    These days Galloway’s message is more likely to be a fatwa than a gospel.

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    Any of you capitalists been investing in Venezuela? Any of you capitalists know any capitalists been investing in Venezuela?

  7. The amusing thing is that those with assets and investments suffer least from inflation- it’s those dependant on a wage or worse a pension who suffer most.

  8. bloke (not) in spain

    Pat. A pension is an asset & an investment. And wage earners get wage rises. That’s part of what the self feeding inflationary spiral is.
    The big beneficiaries are debtors.
    Now look round & spot who the biggest debtor is & worry.

  9. sackcloth and ashes

    Given the number off FFOGs (Former Fans of Galloway) out there, the man must be an utter cunt to still follow him.

  10. @Barry, yes some of us do follow people on the other side of the fence to see what silly things they get up to (if we’ve not been blocked), but such follows will be limited in number and balanced or out weighed by follows within our circles of like-mined friends/colleagues/pigs.

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