Gay rights, we drive over ’em


Odd message to be offering.

Plans for Europe’s first permanent rainbow road crossing could be scuppered amid fears it would cause hallucinations for dementia sufferers.

Medical experts have expressed concern that the brightly coloured crossing could have side-effects for people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The multi-coloured crossing was due to be installed in Totnes in Devon to support gay rights.

“Gay rights, we drive over ’em”?

“Gay rights, we smoosh ’em under our wheels”?

“Gay rights, we walk on ’em”?

And to be honest about it, I really cannot recall that the video of “Ebony and Ivory” was a series of piccies of zebra crossings.

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  1. “Growing up in a rural community as LGBT, I know how important it is to feel supported as it is easy to be isolated.

    I’m the only gay in the village!

    Just in case anyone hasn’t quite twigged yet, our society has gone stark staring fucking mad.

  2. It’s just marketing: Come to Devon, spend your pink pounds, and take selfies on Europe’s only permanent rainbow crossing. Though I imagine the LGBT crowd, like most people, would much rather have a week’s package holiday in the Med.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If no-one gave a shit about what consenting adults did with their genitals then these activists would be terribly sad. We’re practically there now, which presumably goes some way towards explaining the increasingly desperate flailing. They’re sadder and more embarrassing than a gang of trainspotters going LARPing. At least the anoraks don’t threaten to ruin your life if you won’t talk about trains.

  4. Perhaps they could have a word with that home owner in Kensington who put stripes on her house to add a bit more chroma.

  5. I think we’re close to victimhood saturation. I mean, we’ve got to the stage where even the fucking Scots think they’re marching to fucking Selma.

  6. If you ran someone over on this couldn’t you get let off on the basis that it isn’t actually a crossing set up as the law would have it (black and white stripes)?

  7. Also I fucking LOVE the idea of dementia sufferers hallucinating upon coming across that, and the fact that this may scupper it.

    Yes, Ian B is quite right – the whole world has gone mad.

  8. Maybe they could put a jazz hands person at the side of zebra crossings in case people get spooked by the Belisha beacon….

  9. It’s a bit shit, isn’t it? I mean, a road crossing? As Worstall says, walking on a symbol is generally an insult to the symbolised.

    I’d hang around it just for the hallucinations, mind.

  10. “Is that a small pot of gold on the other side?”

    I am actually jazz handing, although it looks very similar to “no, no, stay away from me you nutter”.

  11. Ian B…I’m the only gay in the village!

    Guess you haven’t been to Totnes. Local MP Sarah Wollaston (Tory) is big advocate of gay rights, referring again this week to bigots (anyone speaking against same sex marriage). She is the local recruiting sergeant for Ukip.

  12. Er, how does being a big advocate for gay rights make her a recruiting sergeant for UKIP? I thought Farage has said he is now in favour of the single -sex marriage act?

  13. I agree that certain sections of humanity are completely barmy.

    But it does expalin all those people you see writhing on the floor on a showery summer’s day.

  14. It’s not so much the equality issue as the bigot tag attached to anyone who questions orthodoxy.

  15. Eugene, possibly because she’s such an obvious twit that she drives proper conservatives into the arms of UKIP.

  16. Bernice G

    That doesn’t wash. Being labelled a bigot because you don’t agree with Proposition X doesn’t cause you to go and vote for a party that also believes in Proposition X.

  17. Surreptitious Evil

    I think Wollaston is best characterised as “the straw that broke a thousand camels’ backs”. UKIP seems better not because of its stance on equal marriage but because it doesn’t have Sarah Wollaston in it.

    Remember she’s also one of those nasty hectoring “I was a GP so I can order you how to live your life” types (and is one of those revolting, to sensible Northerners, “move to continental time” idiots as well.)

  18. SE

    But Bernie G didn’t say that, he spoke specifically of gay marriage. And in numerous TV debates at the local and European elections Gay Marriage was mentioned expressly as a reason Cameron lost ‘true Conservatives’. And Farage was against it. But now he’s for it.
    What do you UKIPERS believe on this? Do you know anymore?

  19. These crossings are a recognised symbol of being a safe(ish) place to cross. The colour scheme of black and white is integral to that message.

    But fuck that. Let’s paint it different colours in pointless boosterism of an already fantastically pampered truculent minority. If someone gets run over then we can always say it was a tragedy and lie about them and their family being “in our thoughts and prayers”.

    It is telling that in order to attack this stupidity they had to have the shield of dementia sufferers. I’ll match your victims with mine, and trump them! WhT about gay dementia sufferers?

    As Ian B said, our culture is mentally ill. Forget about the dementia sufferers – collectively we are suffering a mass hallucination.

  20. The colour scheme for wiring plugs. Let’s change that to random rainbow colours to support “Gay Rights”. It’s a Myth spread by haters that people would be electrocuted. HATERS!!

  21. Wasn’t Totnes the place which had that hoo-hah over a Starbucks a while back? It is clearly becoming the Brighton in the West. A Progressive wart on the SW of England.

  22. It was Costa Coffee. Whatever you think of Costa’s coffee, it is a known product guaranteeing a level of consistency – you know what you’re buying. Visitors to Totnes – significant tourist traffic – would have gravitated to Costa in preference to gambling on one of the plethora of independent neighbourhood coffee shops. Accordingly Costa was blocked, the proposed premises laying vacant for months before opening, inevitably, as another charity shop.

  23. On reading the article there are some gems.

    “We have already trialled it in the High Street and no one got killed.”

    “… A trained dementia champion …”

    I wish they’d said whether gay twins Mat and Jon Price were identical, because there’s a new LGBTQWERTY right there. Identical gay twins. Has anyone ever been more oppressed?

  24. @Eugene: It is possbile to be in favour of gay marriage, but not to view those agin it as bigots. If you are agin it, would you rather support the person who goes out of their way to call you a bigot as part of a virtue signalling campaign or someone who, even if they disagree with you on the policy, doesn’t lay into you?

  25. Farage is still a politician. He is looking to hoover up any UKIP favouring patriotic rainbowists who might refrain from voting if he spoke against the marriage caper.

  26. Farage is also a realist. He realises that if he answers no to the “Do you support gay marriage?” question the media will be full of “UKIP will hang gays!!” headlines for the next two weeks.

    So he answers that gay marriage is a done deal and he’s not that bothered with it and all he has to weather the ‘Farage comes out for gay marriage!!” nonsense.

    In fact there are a few slightly more important questions to focus on for the coming election.

    Like, “What happened to poor Violet in that discriminatory crossing pictured above?”

  27. I can’t understand the intensity of feeling either way in respect of gay marriage.

    If anything, I’d be in favour but there are way more important issues for us all, gay, straight and otherkin.

  28. The UKIP is an alliance of libertarians, who dislike the EU and think people should marry as they please, and bigots, who dislike the EU, same-sex marriage, and lots of other things besides.

    The sensible UKIP policy on same-sex marriage therefore is to blame it on the EU. Except during elections, when it should be whatever gets most votes. And UKIP has followed this prescription precisely.

  29. What?

    So Farage is just being pragmatic at election time and is a good true conservative. David Cameron meanwhile is not really a Conservative at all; he’s part of the LibLabCon progressive programme.

    My problem is all those Cyber-kippers who did indeed cite this as a reason for leaving the Tories and voting Ukip. They certainly weren’t saying “I’m voting Ukip because David Cameron or Sarah Wollaston called me a bigot”. Now though I can’t find a Cyber-kipper prepared to stand up and call it an important issue; they were only a couple of years ago.

    Perhaps this blog isn’t as brave as it thinks it is.

  30. PaulB-

    Gay marriage had nothing to do with libertarianism or the libertarian motive. It was simply the classic, tiresome Proggie approach of “you agree with this one policy or you are evil”.

    In terms of shrugging about it being a done deal, it’s because that’s how things often work. Scotland never had any “right” to a special parliament of their own, but once in place it would be very hard to reverse the policy, for instance.

  31. bloke (not) in spain

    “Medical experts have expressed concern that the brightly coloured crossing could have side-effects for people with Alzheimer’s Disease.”

    Dunno about dementia sufferers, but I spent nigh on thirty years trying to convince my Old Man his gas wasn’t supplied by the Gas Light & Coke Company. He certainly never caught on to TV going digital – didn’t realise pushing button 5 got an actual Channel 5. So how the more senior citizen motorists would handle rainbow pedestrian crossings could be interesting. I’d be dubious using one, lest I got flattened by 2 ton of oblivious Rover.

  32. Roue:

    “We have already trialled it in the High Street and no one got killed.”

    Ha ha. Would it be the most ironic thing ever if the only gay person in Totnes was the first person killed using the crossing?

  33. Painting a symbol on a road does lead to confusion as to whether this is support for or a place to walk all over said symbol. Northern Ireland is awash with Union flags and crowns painted on busy roads, driven over by thousands.

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