Motorists meeting up to commit sex acts at a popular dogging site are being detered after a fed up service station began filming them and showing their activities on large-screen televisions.

The Moto Hospitality service station in Penllergaer on the M4 near Swansea took action after woodland next to it was advertised on a specialist swingers website and became popular with people committing sex acts.

In a bid to discourage lewd behaviour it placed signs in its toilets warning it would send their images and registration numbers to the police and it placed cameras at its entrance which beam live footage to large screen televisions inside the complex.

Time for some social science research. Where do we apply for a grant?

Does this increases or decrease the incidence? Are those who prefer to shag without being filmed deterred in greater numbers than the true exhibitionists turn up to be filmed?

Our research grant would need to be large enough to include a number of comely maids in the research team. So as to, you know, be able to blend in with the crowd’s activities while….studying…..yes, studying.

17 thoughts on “Hmm”

  1. On the public notice it says they will call 999 to inform the police. Which is clearly an abuse of the emergency services number, is it not?

  2. Dream on baby, dream on.

    Phrase your proposal: The purpose of this study is investigate the effect of CLIMATE CHANGE on the sexual behavior of motorists, and you might get a nice big grant.

  3. Jokes aside, dogging is highly anti-social. I often used to stop in Thetford Forest to enjoy a sandwich, but not now because paunchy sub-literate low-lifes sidle up to my car hoping to watch some fat slag take it in various orifices in the back seat.

  4. We should have a better word than dogging. Coverting, or coppicing, would do. Any suggestions?

  5. Dogging, as a word and a concept, is one of the glories of early 21st century English. Like “bingo wings”.

  6. Richard,

    Yes. Liable to criminal prosecution. I think the law would take a very dim view of a service station deliberately broadcasting pornography knowing that they had lots of kids walking around.

  7. If you wanted to commit sex in public and achieve maximum (Ahem!) “exposure” then having it screened where people could watch it in warmth, comfort and avoid being harassed by the Police or other doggers, then I would have though that this would be ideal.

    A lucrative market in selling the videos (either to participants or other interested parties) would be a nice little earner.

    Makes the “What we did on our holidays” 8mm films look a bit tame …

  8. As an aside, and joking apart, I agree with Theophrastus – it denies the use of the area to others not wishing to indulge in this activity.

    And WTF has happened to Britain when this is seen as nothing objectionable?

  9. I used to run past the car park quite often on my way to the forest just north of it. And when the sun began to set the cars started arriving…

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