I think I’d like Rand Paul to get the Republican nomination

I know it’s not going to happen and I’m not that great a fan of Paul anyway. But it would be fun to see someone who really isn’t the normal sort of centrist trying to kick shit out of Hillary for a few months. Even if he doesn’t win (and I do think that’s the only way she is vulnerable, no Jeb style centrist is going to come anywhere close to her) that would all be most entertaining.

7 thoughts on “I think I’d like Rand Paul to get the Republican nomination”

  1. His Father was good fun in the last campaign debates. It is sad though that even this particular political niche follows the standard American dynastic script.

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    My problem with Rand Paul is that he’s got his names the wrong way round.

    Marco Rubio is interesting. He’s already positioning himself as the fresh, new alternative to Hillary the has-been. Sort of a JFK for today, but without the Kennedy penchant for self-destruction and shenanigans. I rather fancy him. In every sense of the word.

  3. I was eye-rolling something fierce when I saw Paul — a second generation professional politician who inherited his fathers machine – was describing himself as an outsider.

    The Pauls are odd — when father or son speak theres several minutes of eminently sound stuff and then something completely insane.

  4. I remain convinced that Hillary won’t get the nomination or, if she does, she won’t win the presidency.

    Too much baggage, too old, too ugly, too unfit, too weird, too unlikeable, too untruthful.

    All it needs it to pick any five of the stupid or terrible or cowardly things she’s done and bang on about them.

    Claiming she landed under sniper fire alone ought to do it. It fucked up Brian Williams, why not The Hills Have Lies?

    But we’ll see.

  5. The press is already crying that Rand wasn’t nice to them.

    GOOD! Nice to see someone not willing to play their games.

  6. Someone suggested Serena Williams – I should prefer *her* finger on the nuclear button to that of any of the declared candidates (Jeb Bush second, so far, on that criterion, but nearly as far back as in a tennis match).

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