Is Hillary Admitting Responsibility For 9/11?


Tin foil hat time, eh?

16 thoughts on “Is Hillary Admitting Responsibility For 9/11?”

  1. 9/11 never happened. And if it did it doesn’t matter.

    If you had read Ironman’s posts Tim you would already know this.

  2. The photo in this morning’s Tel is presumably meant to invite you to wonder whether she’s had a stroke. There was that odd business a while back of her taking a tumble and then being treated for months.

  3. Why choose a design so easily parodiable? It’s as if she expects the media to shill for her. But that could never happen, could it? 😉

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    Glen –

    It took me a while to get it too. The two blue vertical bars are the Twin Towers, which the red arrows crashes through.

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