No, it’s The Cure who are the nicest guys in showbusiness

Ed Sheeran surprised a fan in hospital for her birthday after she had to give up her tickets to his concert when she was diagnosed with cancer.

The British singer, who is currently touring New Zealand, took time out of his schedule over the weekend to help Jess Knight celebrate her 20th birthday in Auckland Hospital.

An ecstatic Ms Knight said she ‘couldn’t stop smiling’ following the memorable visit.

‘He was just the nicest guy. So humble and down to earth,’ Ms Knight told Daily Mail Australia.

Nice, good on yer etc.

However, The Cure still win.

Back when the president of The Cure’s California fan club was a high school teenager. Who used a wheelchair. Bought tickets to a gig, refused entry because of wheelchair. Bit later, bird’s High School prom (or graduation thingie). Curtains open, The Cure then plays a full gig for said High School Prom.

And that is why The Cure are the nicest guys in show business.

Terrible music mind, but nice guys.

15 thoughts on “No, it’s The Cure who are the nicest guys in showbusiness”

  1. Rock band plays free gig to inebriated teenage birds desperate to blow rock stars.

    I mean, I’m sure they also wanted to cheer up the girl in the wheelchair up too.

  2. >Curtains open, The Cure then plays a full gig for said High School Prom.

    Not so good for the many students who hate The Cure, and even those who don’t mind them but think their gloomy music completely wrong for an end-of-high-school celebration.

    But I guess it still beats having a local covers band in.

  3. If they’re such nice guys why did they beat me up when I visited them backstage once? Just because I slagged them off and poured beer on them and started breaking their gear is no reason to punch me. I ended up with mascara all over my hands. Nice guys indeed.

  4. bloke (not) in spain

    ” …their gloomy music completely wrong for an end-of-high-school celebration.”
    Always the problem with recorded music. The volume control stops at 10. Live, with the floor jumping 2″ to the beat, they didn’t come over quite so glum.

  5. I saw The Cure supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees in the late 70s. The only one I thought was any good was the bassist. A few weeks later they sacked the bassist and became successful.

  6. PaulB – I met David Bowie once.

    My car broke down on the M6 near Charnock Richard, tyre shredded by a bit of metal.

    This elegant pearlescent white Rolls pulls up on the hard shoulder behind me, and the driver gets out. “Bloody hell!”, I say, “It’s David Bowie!”

    He just smiles, and fetches some tools from the boot of his car, then asks if I have a spare tyre.

    “What for, Mr Bowie?” I ask.

    “So we can ch-ch-ch-change it!”, he says.

    True story, apart from the bits that are lies.

    Next week: how Sting caught me fly-tipping and reported me to the Council.

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