Oh dear

After a last meal of hot dogs and caviar on board his private jet en route, the 78 year-old Taubman was duly incarcerated in a federal facility at Rochester, Minnesota,

Blimey. Hot dogs, yes, great food, but salty fish eggs? As Rod Stewart is said to have ordered, when first offered them, I’ll have mine boiled please.

6 thoughts on “Oh dear”

  1. I’ve only ever eaten the cheap ones you can buy in the supermarket. Got my then five year-old to try them by adding them to her tomato soup – basically as a seasoning and a bit of silliness. Now she eats them with sour cream and blinis, at age six.

  2. Eating caviar is just what one does on one’s private jet.

    @Edward, the cheap ones from the supermarket are basically indistinguishable from the affordable end of sturgeon produce. The farmed stuff is really quite good now (and for Bernie G’s benefit inexpensive – relatively speaking) but, as an incorrigible foodie, I am really not sure what the bloody point is. Of all the overpriced “luxury” items reserved for Christmas after a good year, this is the one I would miss the least.

    Cooked they just taste of eggs. Which certainly isn’t the point.

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