Labour should adopt your economic policy prescriptions on non doms, not to mention the passport tax, exploring the viability of an exit tax and the whole host of NSDAP inspired work put forth on these pages. That too is, case closed.
um, Richard, you are being trolled here – the NSDAP is the Nazi Party.
Richard Murphy says:
April 9 2015 at 10:13 am

No it is not in this context

I understand it to mean a national system for deposits and payments

Poe’s Law?

19 thoughts on “Oh Dear Lord”

  1. I think we’ve reached the boundary of Newtonian Internet laws and are now witnessing relativistic effects.

  2. I imagine you would have to be 40 or 50 pages into a Google search before you found anything other than “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” after a search for NSDAP.

    The Free Dictionary does give additional answers of “Nova Scotia Diabetes Assistance Program” and “New School of Design Art and Performance” but I can’t find Richard’s version at all.

    “No results found for “national system for deposits and payments”.

    I wonder if Ritchie is as we speak seated at his desk in the shed at the bottom of the garden wearing his secret sinister black uniform (waist 38, leg 30, jacket portly). We know already that he is planning World Domination.

  3. @Andrew K:

    I’me thinking more of the Father Ted episode with Father Fitzpatrick’s interest in Nazi memorabilia and his Nazi veteran associate….

  4. Following the Dr Wirmussen incident Ritchie has been thoroughly outed as a Nazi. The question we’re debating these days is whether he actually believes, as he seems to claim, that he _is_ Hitler, or whether he’s just aping him out of misplaced reverence.

  5. The US already has an exit tax. Part of the HEART Act under GWB. Applies to citizens and anyone holding a “greencard” for more than five years. Must be a significant disincentive to retaining anyone highly paid.

  6. I read recently that Fat Hermann’s uniform is available for sale, though I think it’s a bit too pricey to be the subject of a whip-round for him!

  7. I’d like to buy James Lloyd a pint; his trolling is subtly superb:

    “I do not see how anyone can disagree with your cogent thoughts.

    I feel we should look past the so-called ‘economic value’ of trains and ‘value’ them on their cultural and societal value. I enjoy riding trains. I know many people who enjoy riding them, this is crucial. Any crass attempt to place a ‘value’ on such significant assets to our society is, frankly, kidding themselves.

    Given the critical success we have had, and Richard has led, on the non-don issue, is it too much to ask that another miracle happen and one of the parties (Ed Balls, please note) takes the bulls by the horn and offers up this, which I feel, would be a political masterstroke?

    Is it too much to ask for a leader who makes the trains run on time?”

  8. GlenDorran

    He’s not the only one over there I would happily share a pint with.

    It’s fascinating. I still can’t work out how much Richard is intuitive enough to see, but perhaps allows himself to “ignore with a smile”, or is genuinely incapable of seeing..

    In this case, James had laid the ground work a day or two earlier – by talking about the deposits and payments system, and at the same time linking it to initials – before then deciding to go “full monty”…

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