Questions in the Guardian we can answer

How should we interpret Labour’s manifesto?

They’re saying “Vote For Me You Bastards!”.

That’s all any manifesto does say anyway. Unless you want to recast the same message into “Gissa Job”.

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  1. Is it me or were owen, zoe et al.. being effusively reticent about it.. seeing which way their employer will plump for maybe?

  2. OT, but at the Green manifesto launch they just came out with this beaut.

    Around 9,000 people a year die because they cannot afford to heat their home. That is a national scandal, she says.

    Cold homes cost the NHS £1.3bn a year. And 2m children are growing up in cold homes. but over the last two years home insulation programmes have fallen by 80%.

    1. Green policies make energy MORE expensive, not less. Therefore people will have less energy to deal with the cold…
    …which leads us to…
    2. I thought all their energy policies were predicated on the fact the world is getting uncontrollably warmer?

  3. Page 10 – Green Party advertise Jobs per Year per Terrawatt hour.
    Wind – 918 to 2400
    Coal – 370
    Oil and Gas 240-265
    Nuclear – 75

  4. “The Green Party has called for a “progressive alliance” with the SNP if it has MPs at Westminster ”

    That would be the SNP that based their economic justification for an independent Scotland on the (at the time) high price of North Sea Oil?

    By “progressive” I assume they mean “totally fucking nuts”.

  5. – Wow –
    “Move gradually to smaller class sizes. by spending a further 500million,. on 15,000 more teachers to get class sizes down to an average of 20 pupils by the end of the Parliament. “”

    That has got to be bollocks.

  6. “Fashion industry ban on size 0 models.” blimey did not expect to see that. Very illiberal immediately preceding the very liberal
    Decriminalisation of cannabis.

  7. ok moved on from the Green one.. interesting though it is.
    Labour one.. –
    “Reform of the CAP and a commission-led zero based review” – now that would be good. but um don’t think this can happen unless you really are threatening to leave.

  8. So Much for Subtlety

    I would hope what he means is that he wants to out do the Longest Suicide Note in History. But lucky for him, Ed is not standing against a Tory and so no one is likely to object.

    So not just electricity but all the privatised utilities which used to embody a sense of shared good, will be reformed to deliver greater accountability with more attention paid to their social obligations.

    Oh yes? I remember a sense of shared good all right.

    Apart from the emphasis in Miliband’s speech as well as the manifesto on the primacy of public services, he highlighted the launch of a new national primary childcare service.

    Oh yes. The NHS works so well, we need a National Childcare Service as well.

    There are good (if vague) words on diversity and the gender balance in parliament and in public bodies.

    So we have to elect our quota of useless women and BMEs? Great.

  9. Hallowed Be
    10.48 am


    I wonder what the Jobs per Year per Terrawatt hour is for a human bicycle-powered flywheels?

    I can’t do the maths. But isn’t it about 8 orders of magnitude above a kilowatt hour?
    10,000 people? 100,000? 1,000,000?
    And think of the growth in domestic bike production!

    Even better, we could get the whole country rubbing their hands furiously together. Green jobs for everyone.

  10. Stuck-Record :
    Yes it is, you have out greened the greens there. You’re practically fluorescent – in a non radioactive way.

    I remember reading that this (more “jobs”) is something that Axelrod bases all the campaigns he manages on. He’s just exploiting the fact that it just seems to be generally accepted jobs go in the good column. I do blame a ppE grad like Ed though.

  11. I wonder how far down the supply chain those jobs are counted in each industry.

    If Nuclear really only costs a third of what gas does (given the fuel is sufficiently abundant at present that it only really costs the labour of digging it up and processing it), why are nuclear operators a: not making out like bandits (they don’t appear to be) and b: not clamouring to build more stations asap in order to make out like a whole army of bandits.

    I’d be fairly sure based on fuel costs and environment levies, the number of manyears/terrawatt hour will be ordered: hydro,
    Oil, Coal, gas, nuclear, solar, onshore wind, offshore wind.

    All of this remains irrelevant however, when the greens don’t understand the concept of productivity, and thus think more jobs = better…

  12. Labour manifesto: “Free stuff paid for with somebody else’s money”

    Conservative manifesto: “A bit less free stuff paid for with a bit less of somebody else’s money”

    Liberal-Democrat manifesto: “We’ll do a deal with whoever nearly wins and enact 90% of their manifesto”

    SNP manifesto: “Independence or massive subsidies from England, can’t quite decide which we want most”

    Green manifesto: “The only thing wrong with the Soviet Union was all that horrible industry”

    UKIP manifesto: “Sod the lot of them!”

  13. The whole thing is bound to be a muddle.

    The main parties have 1,716 analysts trying to work out what 432 floating voters in key marginals want to hear, while also shoring up the base. The floaters, like most normal people, will grumble about or unexpectedly like 16 things before breakfast, and much of this will be contradictory. Meanwhile, the “base” and North London might as well be on different planets.

    How many more weeks?

  14. National Childcare Service–Sounds like a plan to import the Scotchers Kiddie Commissar plan to the rest of the UK.

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