Regional taxation now, eh?

Labour will provide £1 billion extra for Scotland’s NHS with the help of a mansion tax on 100,000 homes in the south-east of England, Jim Murphy will announce today.

The Scottish Labour leader said he would make “no apology” for using money “gathered” from the south-east to fund the additional spending over the next parliament.

He published an analysis showing the party’s tax on homes worth more than £2 million will affect fewer than 900 properties north of the Border, around 0.8 per cent of those liable across the UK.

Scottish ‘mansions’ would generate around £5.5 million per year under the levy, only 0.3 per cent of the estimated £1.6 billion it would be expected to raise.

How lovely, eh?

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  1. Isn’t the Scottish Parliament in charge of spending, on the NHS and other items? Certainly, we get told that the NHS in Scotland is better than in England as a result (mostly by the SNP itself of course).

    In which case a Westminster Labour government could provide an extra £1b stolen from English taxpayers to Holyrood, but the SNP in Scotland would decide whether to spend it on the NHS or something else.

    Not another Labour politician promising what he can’t deliver, surely?

  2. I just mentioned over at the Telegraph that I thinkwe’re in for a very boring election. We never used to know when they were going to happen, which produced a bit of a frisson and made people think about their vote. This time, with knowing in advance, I think most people have already made their minds up. There’ll be a bit of Con/Kipper deliberation, and maybe some Labour/Green, but other than that, it’s all pretty much “just get it over with”. I expect campaigning to be extremely ineffectual compared to what we’ve been used to.

  3. Votes appear to be getting more expensive now, don’t they Jim?

    A billion pound bribe doesn’t buy you many nowadays…

  4. @IanB, the advantage this time round is that there might be another one in 6 months. And another one and so on.

    Y’know, keep having the vote until the voter comes up with the right answer.

  5. We’ve always effectively had regional taxation. The bulk of stamp duty receipts come from London; income tax comes largely from London and the southeast. A £2m mansion tax would hit London almost exclusively.

    The Nats have finally cottoned on to this, which makes their independence stance somewhat awkward. Now they’re doing a Quebec: extracting concessions from the higher level of government. We can expect the same trick at every election for the next thirty years.

  6. BiG – Once England has brought down the post-Election SNP/Labour coalition, Boris, as new leader of the Conservative party, will be installed as PM.

    I wonder what odds I can get on Boris as PM by Christmas?

  7. I would imagine a significant chunk of the Scots mansion tax would come from the higher end houses in Aberdeen, a city with the worst house price bubble outside London. Except it did until the autumn when the oil price started to collapse, and the Aberdeen housing market has tanked with it. I can’t imagine even the very high end houses sold at silly prices to industry bigwigs are holding up very well right now.

  8. The Tories should point out to English voters the massively disproportionate amount of this money being taken by the Scots, “funding their NHS instead of ours”, etc. Set the thieves fighting each other.

  9. Tyranny.

    “homes worth more than £2 million”

    Absolutely arbitrary. Why not £1.9 million or £2.1 million?

  10. I still can’t work out why time, money, effort was put into the “No” campaign: the referendum was a wasted opportunity for everyone south of the border.

  11. Rob, the tories should point out that this election is an ideal time to sort out the West Lothian Question and the Barnet formula once and for all.

    But of course they fucking won’t.

    Also the tories should point out to the Scots that if they vote for the SNP they can get out from under the oppresive English regime for ever and install themselves under the gentle protective wing of the Germans.

    Thus, instead of having to fight with the Northern Irish and Welsh for bread from their evil masters table they can suckle at the German teat along with the French, Spanish, Italians, Greeks, Romanians, Poles…

  12. ZaNu must now try to match the SNP. Labour knows it is a lost cause in England –outside of the old Northern strongholds of a white working class remnant that the Middle Class Marxists utterly despise anyway. So this is aimed at the SNP–“we can steal just as much English money as the SNP” – and is thus a sign of ZaNu’s desperation at its forthcoming Scottish wipeout.

    Yes–they could still rule in concert with the SNP. Something that the BlueRat should have moved heaven and earth to ensure could not happen–with a devo-deal that got them out of the UK Parliament. What a fuckwit. But ZaNu don’t want that joint domain for the reasons mentioned by other on the blog. The Fish-Oil Kid will do everything possible to irritate the English–easily done by trying to spread his socialist police state tactics south of the border–so that Scotland will inevitably get the boot due to permanently soured relations. Permanent end for ZaNu will be the side effect. Even a dick like MilliBoy knows it–hence the loss of any pretence about funding Venezuela-on-the-Clyde with English cash (or more likely debt/funny money).

  13. With both Scots parties now committed to looting the UK, we must relocate the Tridents before the election.

  14. I agree with Ecks, this a Labour anti-SNP ploy to show they can do what wee Jimmy Crankie and her team can’t. Labour don’t care about the SE anyway, but if they lose Scotland they’ll be stuffed.

  15. a devo-deal that got them out of the UK Parliament.
    So you think Cameron should’ve reached a deal to remove a legally constituted UK political party from participating in UK-level politics immediately after the Scots voted to remain in the UK? Mr Ecks, you’re not a strategist, are you? Don’t go starting a political party any time soon. Your Confused and Befuddled party wouldn’t be a success.

  16. Hugh: Well Mr Jarse I abso-fucking-lutely do think that the BlueRat should have moved to prevent a bunch of Stalinist cunts from cutting a deal with ZaNu that would put both of them in a position to empty the English Treasury and empty their bowels on said English. But since BlueLab are also a party of Stalinist cunts and bunglers that Camorgueron failed (yet again) to do the sane thing is no surprise.

    As for your fatuous point about preventing a ” legally constituted UK political party from participating in UK-level politics”–they are a party whose raison d’etre ( look it up) is the dissolution of UK level politics.

    Theo, Theo,Theo–if meds are your concern you had best get a supply of St John’s Wort capsules from your local health food shop–Fortnumb and Masons in your case is it not?–because after the inevitable economic crash ( which is coming regardless of which arsecheek (sic) gets elected) you won’t be able to afford Valium or Prozac etc. And I just hate to think of you sitting round your feeble fire trying to get a bit of warmth by burning your now worthless stocks and share certificates–and blubbering all the while for lack of a chemical crutch. See– I do care after all.

  17. Not one to speak for Mr Ecks, but I think he’s positing a ‘deal’ – presumably for such to exist it would have to have suited both parties (not insurmountable) and so there’s no particular reason why one couldn’t have been struck?

    The fact that it wasn’t does in that case tell us something about Cameron.

    (If that’s whom he means by ‘the BlueRat’ [I wish he’d use proper names]).

  18. It’s a sad state of affairs when people (rightly) support the people of the Falkland Islands and their desire to remain part of the UK, but are willing to abandon those of us up here who have the same wish. 😉

  19. So Much for Subtlety

    GlenDorran – “It’s a sad state of affairs when people (rightly) support the people of the Falkland Islands and their desire to remain part of the UK, but are willing to abandon those of us up here who have the same wish.”

    Be careful for what you wish for. Because, now I think about it, there is a solution that ought to satisfy both parties. How do you like your wind-swept moors littered with landmines?

  20. This won’t be “English” tax being sent north of the border, as nearly all of the money will be raised in London. London is the capital of the UK, not England. What proportion of the tax will be paid by actual Englishers?

    It’s still wrong to bribe a region in this way – why not Lancashire? – but we should not pretend that this is the English funding the Scottish.

  21. “It’s a sad state of affairs when people (rightly) support the people of the Falkland Islands and their desire to remain part of the UK, but are willing to abandon those of us up here who have the same wish. ;-)”

    Sorry, did I miss the FI holding the balance of power at Westminster and threatening to hold a political party to ransom to vote themselves tens of billions of English taxpayers’ money?

  22. “How do you like your wind-swept moors littered with landmines”

    Not much, but I would like to see the Paras yomping over the Pentlands to take out Bute House and Holyrood.

  23. Oh, it does. Just that those of us in the wealth-producing parts of the country (and Wales) are that hacked off with funding the failures of socialism that it’s going to take rather a lot more than just ‘;-)’


  24. I’ve always thought the South-East should secede from the UK. It would not include Essex, that could be like Gaza or a Bantustan, they could come in only as guest workers. Dorset would be included but that’s as much of a concession as I’d make to people who talk funny because we like to go there on holiday and I love Dorset Apple Cake. Flat rate tax would be under 20%.

  25. Paras don’t yomp they tab (Royal Marines yomp). Plus half of them (Paras)!are Jocks. Not that that would matter I suppose – they’d love to cut a swathe through their fat stupid Mars bar eating fellow countrymen and their gravy train politicos and make Scotland great again I’m sure.

  26. And why not, Jack C? The rest of England despises soft southerners but loves our money. I’ve done my charitable bit by marrying a Yorkshire lass and saving her from a life of poverty and rickets.

  27. There you go again, “our money”.

    Say the capital of England was Westminster, or York, or wherever …..

    Oh, hang on. Nice Murphing DocBud, you had me going.

  28. ” I’ve done my charitable bit by marrying a Yorkshire lass and saving her from a life of poverty and whippets”.

    Fixed that for you there 🙂

  29. @GlenDorran

    “So a similar level of hacked-off-ness to those of us in Edinburgh and Aberdeen then.”

    How widespread really is the socialist zeal in Scotland? I was recently speaking to someone from Edinburgh and was astounded to hear he voted for the SNP because they were properly socialist compared to Miliband’s Labour. (My internal asides included: “nationalist” and “socialist” … what could possibly go wrong?) I still find it hard to credit Scots with ambitions less than Great Britain.

  30. CHF:

    I’ll be honest, my viewpoint is very skewed.

    I work in finance, with well paid people with training in economics. Without fail, every person I work with voted strongly no because they were worried about the socialist future of an independent Scotland. One of my closest friends was genuinely making plans with her husband on moving south in the event of a yes vote, which I was surprised by.

    The left wing in Scotland is extremely vocal and have convinced themselves that they are the voice of the people. I spend time on a Scottish forum (concerning a hobby of mine) and it is full of your stereotypical Guardianistas. I don’t bother arguing with them about politics as its not that kind of forum and I’m pretty much the only non-lefty on it.

    I take some solice from a few things:

    1. Despite the boundaries and constituencies being stacked against them, there is still a core Tory vote of around 20%. If there was any chance of them winning seats in Scotland then I think that vote would increase to 30% as the “no point voting for them” voters return.

    2. Ruth Davidson. A very impressive and likeable woman leading the Scottish Conservatives is detoxifying the party. In a few years she could have made it acceptable to admit in public to voting Conservative.

    3. The Scottish social attitudes survey consistently shows that individual Scots have fairly “right wing” views , but they believe that others are more left wing. Over time as that becomes clearer then there will be more people prepared to admit to having views which aren’t left wing. As I’ve said before, the Yes campaign intimidated No voters into silence. Fortunately the secret ballot is in place for a reason.

    (And I know that the Conservatives are a poor imitation of an economically and socially liberal party. But they are the best we are going to get for now, and a starting point will be for it to become acceptable to admit support for them in public)

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