So this works then, doesn’t it?

Hillary Clinton, under pressure from the left wing of her Democratic Party to aggressively campaign against income inequality, voiced concern about the hefty paychecks of some corporate executives in an email to supporters.

Striking a populist note, Clinton, who announced on Sunday she was running for president in 2016, said American families were still facing financial hardship at a time “when the average CEO makes about 300 times what the average worker makes.”

Says the bird who charges a publicly funded university $300 k for a one hour speech. Or was it $250k?

Seriously honey, fuck off, OK?

18 thoughts on “So this works then, doesn’t it?”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Of course it will work. People do not, cannot, will not assimilate. Not unless they are very close culturally to start with. They will always retain the morality of their ancestors. And, of course, their politics. No matter how nice the Republicans are to American Jews, no matter how well they have done in America, they will not vote Republican. They would rather vote for the Third World Social Justice Warrior.

    Hilary is now pandering to Obama’s base. Blacks. Gays. Single Mothers. And Hispanics. Do Blacks mind that Al Sharpton is a race-hustling crook? It is a cliche that every member of the Black Congressional Caucus is just waiting to go to prison. Must be racism. They still get elected. Even Marion Barry still got elected.

    But Hispanics? That is where this is familiar. This is just normal Latin American politics. America’s own Evita Peron. She will promise the shirtless everything, then steal everything not nailed down, and they will love her for it.

    Culture matters. Culture shapes people’s politics. If America still had the racial distribution it had in 1970, Hilary would not be in the running.

  2. I’ve read the article twice over now. Could someone tell me quite how Jews managed to get shoehorned into this?

    Or is it just the usual nut job ranting away?

  3. Ironman, I get the connection, it’s culture, examples of other sorts of different cultures with similar political expectations. Democrat voters will simply not SEE the disconnect of one of the world’s premier money hustlers speaking out against high pay to senior execs. It’s the Democrat culture; because Hilary has “lady bits” she has automatic victim status and can make such statements with their irony meters exploding.

    I reckon that most liberals (US usage) could even buy a full set of “Hillary for President” pure crystal champagne flutes (at $999.99 each, counts as a tax deductible donation to the Clinton Foundation) while praising her (and by extension, themselves) for standing up for “the little people”.

  4. Ed Snack

    Interesting analysis.and I’m not taking issue with it.

    I.asked how the he’ll anyone can jump from that to throwing Jews into the mix. Anyone other than a nut – job that is.

  5. Interested: ta for the link. The horror of “interacting” with the most unspontaneous, insincere, totally scripted Shrillary! Did the “public” volunteer? The smiles look a little nervous in that selfie.

  6. So the “average” CEO is making what, seven figures or almost?

    Can someone debunk this statistic please? It has to be total horseshit. Might just about apply to the very biggest companies out there.

  7. Comments about “average CEOs” in the unfortunately crap journalism and politics we are all afflicted with, only really apply to the CEOs of companies on your major stock exchanges or, even more ridiculously, to the banner market lists of those exchanges.

    This particular “fact” will be derived from the salaries of “Fortune 500” CEOs.

  8. So Much for Subtlety

    Ed Snack – “I get the connection, it’s culture”

    You’ve not met Ironman then? Don’t bother trying to explain. Of course it is obvious.

    People often complain that Kansas “votes against their own interests” by voting Republican. But Jewish Americans are the richest community in America. Still vote Democratic by and large. People have written books on it.

    The mistake is to think American politics is ideological. I guess among White Americans it still is, sort of. But the Lebanese Civil War was not between Left and Right. It was an ethnic war. By Yugoslavia we understood that. It applies to America too. Ideology doesn’t matter. Ethnicity does.

    This is Britain’s future. Cameron won’t get Asian votes. Not because his values disgust them. Not because his policies would not benefit them. But because ethnicity matters in the modern world and mere politics does not. Liberal politics have precisely no appeal outside the UK-origin world.

  9. It could just be that we shoehorn Jews in here because we’re a Thick.Racist.Prick looking for an excuse to shoehorn Jews in.

    Mr Interest-Ecks-SMFS does have a lot of form here.

  10. So Much for Subtlety

    Ironman – “It could just be that we shoehorn Jews in here because we’re a Thick.Racist.Prick looking for an excuse to shoehorn Jews in.”

    Back on top form I see. What a shame. Not shoehorned.

  11. @Neil the Scouse-Saffa accountant AKA Ironman

    It’s InterestED if you don’t mind. And less of the Mr – let’s try ‘Sir Interested’?

    Listen, you dozy monomaniac, as I’ve said before I like Jews, wish we had more of them in the UK.

    I don’t know what is hard for you to understand about that – shall I write it in Afrikaans, brah-la?

    I can’t speak for Ecks – who can? – but I think the point SMFS is making is fairly obvious, that people often vote against their own best interests for various reasons. He just happens to have selected Jewish Americans, but he could have said working class Brits.

    Or leftist Saffas!

  12. Mr Interested-Ecks-SMFS

    “But he could have said working class Brits”.
    But didn’t did you! And you never do! So you then also threw in Blacks, Gays, Single Mothers, Hispanics. In fact just about everyone except working class Brits.

  13. So Much for Subtlety

    Ironman – “But didn’t did you! And you never do! So you then also threw in Blacks, Gays, Single Mothers, Hispanics. In fact just about everyone except working class Brits.”

    Because working class British people vote in odd ways. It is by no means clear how they are voting. They tend to vote for the Labour Party, that is, ideology comes out on top. Except they don’t like the ideology of the modern Labour Party – being far more homophobic and even racist than people like you or Polly or the rest of the Guardian can accept. However the Tories usually won elections in the 20th century. They did so because they got a significant number of working class votes.

    So no simple rule can be found for working class Whites. Ethnicity, on the other hand, is a very strong and very clear rule – as long as you are not White. Being married, if you are a woman, is also a very clear and very strong signal. Age isn’t bad either.

    I don’t think American Jews are voting against their own interests. I think their view of their own interests is shaped by their own history and culture. So it looks irrational to outsiders, but it isn’t.

  14. So Much for Subtlety

    Ironman – “But didn’t did you! And you never do! So you then also threw in Blacks, Gays, Single Mothers, Hispanics. In fact just about everyone except working class Brits.”

    Actually I can do it for working class Brits. There is one exception to the general rule that the White working class does not vote on ethnic lines. They do in Northern Ireland. The working class Protestants should have the same political and economic interests with working class Catholics. But they do not vote that way. Working class Protestants and Catholics vote with their fellow sectarians.

    Admittedly there is virtually no political difference worth mentioning between any of the parties. Well, not one based on economic policy. They have historical differences and different aspirations for the future. But socially and economically they are basically on the same page.

    The Scots seem to be going the same way.

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