Something delightful about this

Until 2008, when the Holkham village post office, set inside a walled rose garden on the estate, was closed as part of a Post Office rationalisation programme, Lord Leicester was the only peer of the realm to hold the title of sub postmaster.

6 thoughts on “Something delightful about this”

  1. ….set inside a walled rose garden on the estate,”

    if ever there was a candidate for GPO rationalisation

  2. It’s worth pointing out that the whole of Holkham village is part of the estate, so everything from pub to shops to post office is/was as well.

    A thoroughly lovely place, by the way. The Hall is beautiful, and the beach is amazing – definitely a contender for best beach in England, along with its neighbours at Wells and Stiffkey. Really the only blot on the local landscape is that Ritchie’s barely 30 miles away.

  3. Quite right, Dave: Holkham is an enchanted place. And, although palatial, there is something rather homely about the Hall – summed up by the notice in the entrance hall inviting the musical to play the grand piano. By contrast, in a National Trust property, all the contents would be set in aspic.

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