That free market thang

There are no bad products, only bad prices. As long as you get the pricing right everything sells.

Steve Smith, Poundland founder.

12 thoughts on “That free market thang”

  1. The problem is that that pricing can go into negative values, i.e. there are some things you’d have to pay people to take away.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    There is a persistent rumour that the East German Trabant was worth less than its components and labour.

    I think this rule is better expressed in terms of a capitalist economy.

  3. You can pass a mildly fun half hour by going into Poundland, affecting a Tim Nice But Dim persona, and repeatedly asking an assistant the prices of different items.

  4. Tim N,
    I found an article there and in the comments by a Tim T was this:
    “vouchers for arts consumers rather than arts producers. ”

    Seems to me this would be a very good idea.

    pretty gd idea.

  5. You are Heston Blumenthal, and I claim my £500 to be spent on a lunch at your restaurant!

  6. Ah, BiW. I see the flaw. Would you need to be a state regjstered artist to redeem the voucher? Well maybe not, there are working definitions of art that could be used.

  7. Ian B

    Even worse than the NHS – The EHRC -one of the rare organisations with negative productivity….:

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