That’s Amaaaazing!

I’d rather have clean sheets than a night of passion
A preference for freshly made bedding rather than sex is a sure-fire sign that you’re happily middle-aged, writes Allison Pearson

For I too would prefer a freshly made bed than a night of passion with Allison Pearson.

Only, of course, because I am also middle aged. It would be most ungallant to suggest that there could possibly be any other reason for such a preference.

5 thoughts on “That’s Amaaaazing!”

  1. Unless Alison Pearson has ever intimated she would like a night of.passion with you Tim, your gallantry, or lack of, would seem to be fairly irrelevant

  2. You could pop bubble-wrap with her instead Tim. That might be more exciting–altho’ for which of you–who can say?

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    The real question is whether “clean sheets” is some obscure code word for “squirrel suit”

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