The Mail and the Murph

Richard Murphy, of Tax Research UK, said: ‘It looks as if Kellogg’s is trading in similar fashion to many of the better known tax avoiders.’

Ritchie, as ever, failing to note that no one does avoid tax in this manner. They might delay payment of it, but they can’t avoid it. As soon as those profits are repatriated to the US in order to be distributed to shareholders (and they must be repatriated in order to be disbursed) then they will pay the corporate income tax in that country.

Which is just how corporation tax works.

6 thoughts on “The Mail and the Murph”

  1. Tim can I respectfully suggest you extend your policy of not linking to the cunt’s blog to not linking to anywhere the cunt shows up?

    You will drive a small amount of traffic to the Mail and this may encourage them to keep playing a game the rules of which they don’t actually understand.

    Re Kellogg’s, how long before he picks on someone with a reputation to lose and the desire to fight and gets sued into penury? We can only hope.

  2. Don’t worry Interested, he only appears at the end of the article and how many people read to the end. 99% will read the first few paragraphs which reinforces the meme that corportations are tax avoiders and skip on to the next article about Kim Kardashian.

  3. SBML Yep understood I’m more talking about the Mail looking at their metrics and noticing he gets clicks. Not that our clicks will be all that significant, it’s the principle really. Anyway, I shan’t click through!

  4. I’m guessing money is short up in Norfolk – I can recall him posting that he would not talk to either the Sun or Mail previously…..

    As interested says – It’s the ‘Overton Window’ effect – Kellogg’s = tax evaders – for him and his ilk, Mission accomplished – pure Goebbels….

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