There’s a problem with being ruled by a multi-national technocracy

Rodrigo Rato, the former minister and IMF managing director who was briefly placed under arrest last Thursday, is reported to have amassed a personal fortune of at least €27 million (£19.5 million), including dozens of companies and a 44 per cent share of a luxury hotel in Berlin.

Mr Rato, who was economy minister in Spain’s Popular Party (PP) governments between 1996 and 2004 before a three-year stint as IMF chief, is being investigated on suspicion of concealing his wealth and tax evasion.

According to information leaked to the Spanish media by court sources, Mr Rato used a web of companies and over 70 bank accounts.

Which is that some parts of said multi-national produce a technocracy that is made up of rapacious bastards. Thieving rapacious bastards even. And the problem with the technocracy bit is that once such a system is in place we can’t get rid of them. For you don’t get to vote for a technocracy, nor vote against it.

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  1. Tim N.

    And before anyone gets partisan, we have people from both sides of the political divide.

    The divide, as projected historically, is false. Left and Right are merging into the technocracy. There are diffferences:
    – when you can abort (vital to our well-being)
    and the big one:
    – Share wealth to create equality
    – Create wealth to allow people to live their lives under their own steam (helping the truly unfortunate).

    But very few politicians really think along these lines now.

    Almost all are in the Share paradigm. Gets more votes, innit?

    It’s Monday and I’m pi**ed off.

  2. As you know, TimN, the charges against DSK of aggravated pimping were dismissed, and he left the court without a stain on his trousers.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    Tim Newman – “Between aggravated pimping (DSK), corruption (Lagarde), and embezzlement (Rato), the IMF isn’t covering itself in glory here, is it?”

    It is like that joke about heaven being a place where the chefs are French. The EU was supposed to be about making the rest of Europe conform to German level of public probity.

    Instead they are foisting the corrupt fecklessness of the South on the rest of us. You impose Italian politicians on Europe and of course you get Italian ethics.

  4. This headline reminds me of the sad look on the face of my local Labour candidate on my doorstep the other day, when he asked me why I was voting UKIP. I think he was hoping for something involving nig-nogs, send them all home, darkies etc, and was visibly unnerved by the time I came out with the phrase “globalised technocratic managerialism”. That was after starting with “I believe that sovereignty is the great issue of our generation and we have a moral responsibility to the future generations to address it.”

    At the end of our short chat, he said, “well what about UKIP’s other policies?” and I said, “well, no party is perfect but there isn’t much choice at this election is there?”

    “There is if you’re a progressive social democrat like me,” he replied.

    “That’s the problem isn’t it?” I said. And then he and his gormless looking teenage sidekick toddled off to the next front door.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Ian B: tee hee.

    Of course you’ll probably end up with the worst of both worlds: “progressive social democrats” being held to ransom by wee Jimmy Krankie and her army of Porridge Wogs. Her combination of Nationalism and Socialism is so compelling, someone should come up with a portmanteau word to describe it.

  6. @ Ian B
    I await, with no expectation, the arrival of a Labour canvasser. The election addresses of the Conservative and LibDem were sent to the house – that of the female Labour candidate was sent solely to my wife (the only female voter).

  7. Ah, well I’m in an untermenschen heartland, so I think that was why the Labour numpty looked so dismayed.

  8. I have never been canvassed by anyone, in any election, ever. I was once asked who I had voted for when leaving the polling station though. Cheeky fucker.

  9. For you don’t get to vote for a technocracy, nor vote against it.

    Usually its stated that citizens have two choices when dealing with a governent – voice (Ballot box – voting, petition rulers, etc) and exit (leaving).

    But there is a third one that governments do their best to ensure that citizens can’t even *think* about it.

    Violence (the ammo box).

    You can always get rid of a technocracy – just depends on how badly you want it gone.

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