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Just a small note. There’s a letter in The Guardian insisting that the NHS should not be privatised in any form or manner. Hey, you know, election season. There’s some 100 or more signatories to it. Of whom 46 are listed as being GPs.

Yes, General Practitioner. That part of the NHS which has always been privately owned, run and managed, as contractors to the larger organisation.

46% of those shouting that there should not be private sector contracting to the NHS are themselves private sector contractors to the NHS.

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  1. @ljh:

    It’s the old joke:

    What do you call the person who came bottom of the class in medical school?


  2. Are all GP’s contractors in that fashion, or are some employed by practices in which they have no ownership stake?

    If some are th latter, they might well want rid of a system that (and I’m speculating here) entirely benefits the elders in the profession who got there first, gobbled up the real estate etc.

  3. Surreptitious Evil

    Some are employed by practices and some are even, now, directly employed by the NHS.

    Our local out of hours service is staffed by NHS direct contract employees who, in their day job, may be partners or employees of one of those evil private sector contracting partnerships.

  4. Generally for the past couple of decades or more most or all GP practices have been private. NHS pays them xxx for doing various work, including meeting targets for clinics in particular things etc.
    The people making the big money will be the partners/directors of course – usually GPs though may find some non medical directors/partners.
    The local surgery in my village recently built and set up a new surgery in next village along, expansion of the business!

  5. To be fair, there’s no reason why you can’t be part of a system but not approve of that system.

  6. To be even more fair, as insiders they can see how badly New Labour negotiated the GP contract, to the point where out-of-hours care has all but vanished, and (some) GPs are raking in huge sums for no visible improvement in care.

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