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At, err, Cayman Financial:

Which leads us to an interesting thought for those people at Oxfam complaining so vociferously about inequality. Absolutely everyone who works for them at home base is in the global top 6 percent by income, all of their senior people are in the top 1percent.

And given that some of them are middle aged, with houses and pensions, there’s almost certainly more people working for Oxfam in that top 1 percent of wealth in the world than there are actual billionaires on the planet. Inequality is just not what people think it is.

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  1. Anyone who gives any money at all to corporate charity is being an idiot. They’re just funding the new bourgeoisie.

  2. And of course charities are a great vehicle for former politicians to rake it in. Seems to work for Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. The Clinton’s in the US obviously…

  3. I have no debt and a ten pound note in my wallet, which means I am richer than 25% of the Yanks!

    I still feel broke and that thought doesn’t help me at all when I look at the new Jaguars.

  4. > I still feel broke

    That’s the whole point. Tim’s not saying you’re not broke; he’s saying that wealth inequality is a shite way of measuring brokeness, precisely because it gives you the result that a lot of poor people are wealthier than a lot of rich people.

  5. These staff at the charity – between them they have higher wealth than what percentage planet?

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    “Let me show you a used Jaguar, then, my son. With this beautiful motor, the world’s your lobster.”

    So we find who lurks behind the dearieme nom de plume, at last. Arthur Daley. Who would’ve thunk it, eh?

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Oxfam, CAFOD, War on Want: they’re all tranzi front groups and therefore not mere;y misguided but actively malevolent. Giving them money is like subsidising someone to tip poison down a well.

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